Brandon Maxwell battling insecurities ahead of New York Fashion Week show

Brandon Maxwell

Brandon Maxwell has opened up about the insecurities he faces before presenting a new collection.

The Texas-born designer, who founded his own women's ready-to-wear label in 2015, is gearing up to showcase his latest collection during New York Fashion Week on Saturday.

But on Wednesday, Maxwell candidly opened up about how he goes back and forth between feeling confident and unworthy as he gets ready for the presentation.

"The one thing no one talks about leading up to Fashion Week is all the insecurities you face as a creative person. It's the craziest emotional roller coaster I've ever experienced, and it gets harder for me to confront the older I get," he shared. "But one woman, one walk, one tiny moment, can make it all worth it though, and that's the moment we live for, that's the moment we have to live for."

Maxwell revealed that he feels great about himself when he wakes up but soon starts to think he's "the least talented person on the planet", before circling back to feeling good.

The fashion star then explained how debuting his latest outfits to the outside world can be tough, so he tries to make sure he's strong enough to take any criticism on show night.

"Up until this moment, you and you're (sic) team have been alone in a room working quietly, and as you begin to share what you've been making with your outside creators, any little comment or sign of disapproval can break you down, and it's up to you to find your way back," Maxwell shared. "After seven days of going through it and confronting yourself, you're finally strong enough for the wave of criticism and judgement that will come during the big crescendo on show night."

To conclude, the 35-year-old heaped praise on his team and wrote, "As always, thinking about my friends in the industry this week and sending you love."

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