How Brandon Ivan Peña Is Teaching His Podcast Listeners How To Live A More Intense Life, Find Out His Five Key Tips Below

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Living a more intense life is something that we should all strive for. Whether it is living and following our passions to the fullest or pushing to get the most of every single day, our lives should have more of a direct focus that allows us to take risks and never letting a moment pass us by.

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Brandon Ivan Peña is teaching his podcast listeners how to live life more intensely. He is a motivational speaker who is helping people make a major difference in their lives. Here are his five steps to follow your passions, live to the fullest, and complete your goals.

His first tip is to develop a way of thinking that calls for learning and questioning, and challenging the status quo. This is what allows you to take the first step to digging in deeper to life’s meaning and finding the why behind what really drives you.

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I have developed in me the LOVE and PASSION for continuously learning, continuously questioning, and continuously challenging the status quo of marketing and branding. I moved from working locally, to nationally, then internationally, and from a family company to an investor’s world. I realized that marketing as we knew it was forever changed and that those who failed to adjust and move forward paid a greater price,” Brandon states.

Brandon’s second key for living life more intensely is to find passion in everything you do. For him, this meant finding a business that he loved being a part of every day. Having that love can help you grow something bigger than you could ever imagine, but if you do not care about the work that you do, you will not find fulfillment in that aspect of your life.

“Invest in a PASSION. We find ourselves spending most of our time thinking about goals, solutions and strategy. Instead, spend those hours thinking about something you like that makes everything worth it. I cannot even imagine how miserable my life would be if I did not like what I do or the businesses I invest in. Once you find your passion and decide you are ready to commit, become OBSESSED with your passion,” Brandon recommends.

Brandon’s third key to living a more intense life is to surround yourself with people who are just as passionate about your work as you are. If you find people who support you and lift you up because they are just as invested as you are, there is nothing you can’t do as a team.

“I surround myself with INCREDIBLE HUMANS, we are passionate, we are honest, we hustlers. We are caffeinated humans being creative and being passionate about business. WE WANT TO BUILD, we want to collaborate, we want to build a better world, TOGETHER,” Brandon explains.

Fourth, Brandon says to accept and embrace your fear. To him, it is a normal human emotion and he believes that ignoring it only leads to having to deal with it later on. Instead, we must embrace our fear and see it as part of us in order to overcome it.

“Fear to me is a human emotion, part of emotional intelligence. I hug my fears, I show them that together and using our available resources we will overcome that feeling and convert it into excitement. To me, being excited about my new project is better than having fear of losing,” Brandon says.

Finally, Brandon wants people to know that if he can do it, you can too! In fact, if someone can accomplish something, you can too, so never let that get in the way of your own journey.

“If I CAN do it, YOU CAN DO IT. If YOU can do it, I CAN DO IT,” Brandon exclaims.

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