Bradley Cooper Cooks Up a Storm as a Troubled Chef in the 'Burnt' Trailer (Exclusive)

Meriah Doty
Yahoo Movies

Bradley Cooper has had an incredibly eclectic run over the last year or so, playing a decorated soldier in American Sniper, a deformed man in the Broadway run of Elephant Man, and most recently, a closeted gay theater nerd in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer reboot. In his newest movie, the 40-year-old actor is jumping into the kitchen for the upcoming chef-world comedy-drama Burnt. (Watch the first trailer above, exclusively on Yahoo Movies.)

Cooper plays Adam Jones, an ambitious American who ditched high school and moved to Paris at age 16 to learn the culinary arts. He quickly became a restaurant world sensation, and apparently, an enfant terrible, who torpedoed his career with his arrogance and drug abuse. “Maybe I just wanted it really badly, and when I got it, I didn’t know how to hold onto it,” says Jones in a voiceover.

After some time in the wilderness, Jones has cleaned up his act and moved to London, ready to open a new restaurant — and perhaps even earn the coveted three Michelin Guide stars, the pinnacle of culinary glory. Jones is seen buckling down in the kitchen, slamming dishes, and insisting on perfection from his kitchen staffers (one of whom is played by his Sniper costar Sienna Miller). Will Jones find foodie perfection once again? We’ll get a taste when Burnt hits theaters on Oct. 23.