Boyfriend Sets Up Special 'Breakfast for Two' to Help Girlfriend Honor Late Best Friend

A woman was overcome with emotion when her boyfriend arranged a beautiful way to help her honor her late best friend’s birthday.

Video shared to TikTok by Erin Palek shows her boyfriend surprising her with yellow tulips on her morning walk, before she returns to their Cleveland apartment to find a note on the door.

The note instructed her to turn to her left, leading her to a second note on the door to their balcony, which read “breakfast for two.”

Palek goes outside to discover that he has set a table with flowers, food, and only one chair — which confuses her until she sees that he has also left a hat on the table, which belonged to her best friend, Taylor.

“He set up this ‘breakfast for two’ for me to sit with her on her birthday,” she explains in the video captions.

Palek told Storyful that Taylor died in a car accident in 2021, just three days after she turned 26.

“The dates of May 11 to May 14 are significant for celebrating Taylor’s life each year,” she said. “All of her friends get together to celebrate her birthday, and then we honor the anniversary of her passing by doing all the things that Taylor loved to do.” Credit: Erin Palek via Storyful

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