Bow Wow Stops Show to Call Ciara a ”B*tch” He Had ”First” and Fans Are Flipping TF Out

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Bow Wow interrupted a club performance to say “I had this bitch first” about his ex-girlfriend Ciara.
  • Ciara is currently married to Russell Wilson and living her best life, and fans are incredibly pissed at Bow Wow.

Hello, good morning, everyone is mad at Bow Wow and there’s a very good reason. This dude straight-up interrupted a recent club performance to call his ex-girlfriend Ciara a “bitch” and brag that he had her “first,” which is—I think we can all agree—completely uncool. Here’s the direct quote, just to make things super clear: “I had this bitch first.”

Say it with me: WTF.

The moment in question went down while Bow Wow was performing his and Ciara’s 2005 hit “Like You,” and fans are understandably pissed.

Tons of people are coming to Ciara’s defense on Twitter, with comments like, “I see why home girl scratched his face he always talking shit,” “Ciara is living rent free in her ex’s heads just from living a happy life & enjoying her happy & healthy marriage with Russell Wilson.”

Bow Wow hasn’t bothered apologizing for his rudeness, and Ciara has yet to comment on the video (probably because she’s too busy not thinking about Bow Wow for even one single second). Buuuuuuut in case you care: These two dated in 2005 and apparently were even engaged for a short time before the relationship ended due to rumored infidelity on Bow Wow’s part. In 2016, this dude admitted that he “tried to play her” and seemed regretful, but clearly he’s learned approximately nothing about how to respect Ciara.

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