Boulies Ninja Pro Gaming Chair Review

Boulies Ninja Pro review
Boulies Ninja Pro review

Boulies instantly climbed the rankings in my go-to gaming chair brands with the Elite Max, but was that chair a one-hit wonder? Today I’m assessing the Ninja Pro, a chair that boasts just as much ergonomic satisfaction and support, but with a little more flair best suited to gaming-oriented spaces. After a few weeks spent testing the chair throughout my days spent working and my evenings spent gaming, it’s time to provide my Boulies Ninja Pro gaming chair review.

Assemble your chair

Boulies Ninja Pro review
Boulies Ninja Pro review

Assembling the Boulies Ninja Pro is very easy and even those new to building gaming chairs should be able to get it set up in around 30 minutes. Everything slots together with ease and it’s clear which bolts go where and where to tighten them with the provided Allen key. While it would be nice to see an accompanying instructional video, as I find them much more useful than written instructions, it’s not a necessity.

When it’s set up, it’s time to test it out. As a 6’7″ 220lbs individual, I’ve become very picky when it comes to gaming chairs supporting my taller and heavier frame. While I think larger folks will still prefer the Elite Max, the Ninja Pro is still accommodating with its support for people up to 6’7″ in height and 300lbs in weight.

Tune it to you

Boulies Ninja Pro review
Boulies Ninja Pro review

With its highly adjustable armrests and generous reclining mechanism with a rocking tilt switch, the Ninja Pro can go toe to toe with other higher-end chairs. The only notable omission is an adjustable lumbar, which can be found on more expensive chairs from Secretlab. There’s no such feature on the Ninja Pro, which is disappointing, though the included lumbar cushion does at least offer a basic level of support.

Feels like quality

Boulies Ninja Pro review
Boulies Ninja Pro review

The Boulies Ninja Pro boasts high-quality materials that feel as though they will last a long time. The construction feels very solid, comparable to higher-priced chairs that my family and I have been using for many years now, which makes me confident that the Ninja Pro will last. If there are any issues during the first two years after purchase, claims can be issued under an extendable limited warranty (in addition to a 14-day return policy).

At the time of writing, the Ninja Pro chair is only available with Ultraflex PU upholstery in black, teal, white, and red. While the material is very nice and the color options are solid, I’d love to see Water Repellent Fabric made available sooner rather than later, as I much prefer that option for all-year-round comfort.

Final Verdict

With an MSRP of $379.99, the Boulies Ninja Pro is well-priced amongst the competition. It matches the premium materials and features of more expensive competitors, aside from slacking on any adjustable lumbar support. However, for the savings, I imagine many users will be happy to forgo that feature. Aside from that, there’s little else preventing me from recommending the Ninja Pro as your next gaming chair.

Positives and Negatives

  • Simple build process.

  • Easy to make adjustments.

  • Excellent quality of materials.

  • Fantastic for taller and heavier users.

  • Good price for a high-quality gaming chair.

  • Not yet available with Water Repellent Fabric.

  • No adjustable lumbar support.


Disclosure: Ninja Pro gaming chair review sample was provided by Boulies.

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