Bosch unveils smart electric stroller with smartphone connectivity

Bosch to launch the e-Stroller, a smart stroller with phone connectivity

Multinational tech and service supplier Bosch has unveiled the e-Stroller, a smart stroller with intelligent sensors and smartphone connectivity that can help parents push the stroller uphill.

As more modes of transportation get intelligent tech to improve driver and passenger safety and comfort, it was only a matter of time before smart strollers began to saturate the market. On Monday Bosch announced its own rendition of the smart stroller equipped with tech that understands the terrain it's rolling on, the steepness of its path, and its own speed and acceleration.

The e-Scooter is powered by a drive unit with two low-noise electric motors, a smart sensor system, and a Bluetooth module for smartphone connectivity. The sensors measure information like the stroller's speed, acceleration, and road surface and use it to "calculate in fractions of a second what mom or dad wants to do next."

When the sensors detect that the stroller is moving uphill, the power is automatically increased to help parents push the unit uphill; when going downhill, the tech will help parents to brake. However, if they let go of the stroller, the brake will automatically be engaged.

With the complementary app, owners can use their smartphone to select from three different levels of electric assistance which will be activated via Bluetooth communication. Also within the app, parents can see how much power is left of the detachable battery -- the same battery used by other Bosch devices like cordless screwdrivers. When fully charged, the stroller has a 15-mile range.

Market launch will take place in early 2020 with the Swedish stroller manufacturer Emmaljunga. The company stated that more collaborations are on the way.