Bobby Berk Confirms Tan France Feud and Reveals Why He Left 'Queer Eye'

Bobby Berk Confirms Tan France Feud and Reveals Why He Left 'Queer Eye'

Bobby Berk is out here dishing on 1) drama between him and Tan France, and 2) the real reason he left Queer Eye.

Without going into tooooo many specifics, Bobby told Vanity Fair “Tan and I had a moment. There was a situation — and that’s between Tan and I — and it has nothing to do with the show. It was something personal that had been brewing and nothing romantic, just to clarify that.”

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He also addressed unfollowing Tan on Instagram, saying “Should I have unfollowed Tan? No. Maybe I should have just muted him. But that day, I was angry, and that’s the end of it. We became like siblings — and siblings are always going to fight.”

“I will always have a very special place in my heart for him and Rob and the kids,” Bobby added, before speaking of his Emmys reunion with Tan. “I can foresee in six months or a year, Tan and I at each other’s house being good. The Emmys was already the first bandage on that wound.”

As for why he left Queer Eye (see his full statement here), Bobby explained that he thought the show was ending when their contract was up, but then Netflix offered them a contract for four more cycles.

“We’d just assumed that the show wouldn’t come back if we all didn’t come back. I was like, I’m not going to be having FOMO cause the show is not going to happen. I had become at peace with it,” he said, noting that the rest of the cast decided to renew their contracts, “And with only one of us not coming back, Netflix felt [it] could recast one person."

“There were definitely emotions. But each one of us had our reasons why we did what we did,” he said. “I can’t be mad—for a second I was. All the plans that I had made when I thought we weren’t coming back, I just wasn’t willing to change those. I would have had to pump the brakes on multiple other projects that are already in process. We had mentally just prepared ourselves to move on—that’s why I left.”

Welp, that's that on that!

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