Bobby Au Yeung visited Gordon Liu on his 64th birthday

27 Aug – Star Bobby Au Yeung recently took some time off to visit veteran martial arts actor Gordon Liu to celebrate the latter's 64th birthday.

As reported on Mingpao, according to Gordon's guardian Amy Fan, on 22 August, Bobby and fellow actors Chan Wing Chun and Helen Ng, appeared at the nursing home where Gordon is currently residing to celebrate the day with him.

"Gordon quickly recognised them. We wanted to take him out, but the weather was too hot. But he was very happy. It was also Chan Wing Chun's birthday that day, so they celebrated together," she said.

Asked if they gave him any special gift, Amy stated that Gordon requested street food.

"He has always wanted to eat street food, but it's not very healthy for him. But on his birthday, we bought him whatever he wanted to eat," she said.

Gordon Liu has been residing at a nursing home since early 2010s, following a stroke and several health complications.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)