Mandopop star Stefanie Sun ties the knot

Elena Torrijos
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Singapore mandopop star Stefanie Sun and her new husband, Nadim van der Ros. (Photo from Stefanie Sun)

Popular Singapore singer Stefanie Sun married Nadim van der Ros, her 32-year-old boyfriend of five years, on Sunday.

In a statement to the media, the new bride said she chose the 8th of May to tie the knot as this was the couple's fifth anniversary.

The groom arrived in a white stretch limousine to meet his bride at her home on Stevens Road on Sunday morning.

The Indonesian adopted by Dutch parents had to perform a lion dance and other dares before he was allowed to enter the bride's house where about 30 friends and family members had gathered, according to media reports.

The two were said to have met through mutual friends in 2006, and van der Ros later moved from Hong Kong to Singapore for her. He reportedly works in the finance industry.

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