Viral video: Singapore’s 12 types of Instagram users

Jeanette Tan
Singapore Showbiz

(From extreme left) Janice "Foxy" Chiang, Aaron Khoo (both from Tree Potatoes), Malaysian YouTuber Joseph Germani, Tan Jia Hao, Ryan Tan and Sylvia Chan (both from Night Owl Cinematics), who collaborated on the YouTube hit "12 types of Singaporeans on Instagram". (Photo courtesy of Tan Jia Hao)

Like millions all over the world, young, tech-savvy people in Singapore are enraptured by Instagram.

The social photo-sharing app is so popular, it draws many types of people in Singapore for many different purposes.

Inspired, and perhaps annoyed by, several habits he observed among Singaporean Instagram users, 20-year-old Tan Jian Hao, also known as @thejianhaotan, drew up a list of 12 stereotypical Singaporean Instagrammers, in a parody video he calls simply, "12 Types of Singaporeans on Instagram".

"I take a lot of photos of myself, and I noticed that everybody has different habits while taking photos and I wanted to make fun of it in a video," he told Yahoo Singapore in explaining his motivation in making the clip.

The one-day effort, says Tan, was borne out of a "last-minute" plan and a collaboration with popular YouTubers such as Joseph Germani, a Malaysian YouTuber; Sylvia Chan and Ryan Tan from Night Owl Cinematics, who planned and recorded the shots; and Janice Chiang (also known as "Foxy") and Aaron Khoo of Tree Potatoes (formerly known as WahBanana).

"It was quite exciting to work with all of them," he said. "I was the youngest, and everyone was much more experienced but yet kind and willing to teach me."

After shooting the video, Tan, who completed his National Service last week and is putting off his studies to pursue full-time YouTube video production, says he spent roughly a full day editing and then uploading it to his YouTube channel, called "teenageguruz".

Since it was put up on Sunday, the clip has been making its rounds on social media, clocking in more than 29,000 views and more than 2,200 thumbs up on YouTube by Monday evening.

From the serial hashtagger to the like-button-spammer -- not forgetting the "Inspirational quote writer" -- watch the entertaining clip below, and see which tendencies you might be guilty of.