Unofficial NDP 2013 songs getting love

Unofficial NDP 2013 songs getting love

Not a fan of this year’s official National Day Parade (NDP) theme song, “One Singapore”?

Several Singaporeans have come forward to make their own NDP 2013 songs and these efforts are gaining a lot of love online. Many YouTube users left comments praising the songs.

They say these songs are heartwarming, inspiring and able to summarise the "Singaporean way".

Here are the results of what local talent can produce when inspired to celebrate Singapore's National Day.

‘Forever Family’ by mrbrown and Marc Nair

Unlike the over-the-top competing melody lines and out-of-place rapping in “One Singapore”, mrbrown’s stripped-down acoustic rendition of “Forever Family” is particularly refreshing to the ears.

Together with his friend and poet Marc Nair, mrbrown encapsulates the typical experiences of Singaporeans -- national service, queueing and taking exams -- in just one song.

The chorus is particularly touching, with the lyrics “You and me, forever kaki (meaning close companions in Singlish), you and me, forever buddy. Even though we different daddy, different mummy, you and me, forever family.”

‘Treasure Every Moment’ by Kelvin Chen Wei Lian and Dick Lee

“Treasure Every Moment” is a heartwarming National Day-inspired single by famous local composer Dick Lee and visually-impaired local singer Kelvin Chen in which they speak of cherishing the simple joys of being a Singaporean.

The music video features Chen running past various landmarks in Singapore with other Singaporeans, such as HDB blocks and the Singapore Flyer.

‘Shine Singapore’ by Lorraine Tan

Local singer-songwriter Lorraine Tan’s soothing voice goes particularly well with her inspiring unofficial NDP song.

This music video is also done very tastefully and doesn’t look too forced, simply portraying the daily lives of Singaporeans.

Old is gold

Many Singaporeans also feel that we do not need a new National Day song every year.

Rather, if we do produce a song, it needs to be one that touches the hearts of Singaporeans.

In this two-part series, some Singaporeans, including National Solidarity Party (NSP) member Nicole Seah and singer-songwriter Shabir Tabare Alam, look back at the most memorable National Day songs, including "Home" and "Count on me, Singapore". Here are the links: Part 1, part 2.

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