FM 92.0: Singapore’s new ‘women and family’ radio station

Leow Si Wan
Singapore Showbiz

Singaporean women and their families can look forward to a new radio station next year which caters specifically to their needs and interests.

The station frequency? FM 92.0.

SPH Unionworks beat five other companies including MediaCorp Pte Ltd and StarHub Ltd in its bid for the vacant frequency slot because its "proposal caters to an underserved, niche segment of the population", said the Media Development Authority.

The media regulator added: "Existing local radio stations do provide some women and family-related content but none of them are positioned as stations which cater solely to this audience segment."

This award follows a public tender launched by MDA in March for the allocation of two
vacant FM frequencies — the other being FM89.3.

Of FM89.3, MDA said that it will be tendered at a later stage because "the other proposals were deemed to be less unique and compelling".

"This is to give industry players time to develop fresh and
innovative concepts that can add further vibrancy to our local radio scene," it added.

The addition of FM92.0 will bring the total number of local FM stations to 19.