Star Awards 2013: Joy, tears for winners

Elizabeth Soh
Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz

Stars who won big at the Star Awards share their thoughts and thank-yous with Yahoo! Singapore.

Suave Tay Ping Hui humbly attributes his win to the alignment of the stars.

The celebrity waxed lyrical about his Best Supporting Actor win, saying that it didn't matter what award he had won, it was more important to keep in mind that winning it was "not the end point, but a resting stop" in his career.

Calling his win a "lucky" one, he said that he is still the same person, and will still turn up early the next morning for filming, if necessary, with the same hardworking ethic.

"Ah Ge" Christopher Lee was also remarkably sanguine about his Best Actor win.

Saying that it was important not to tie one's performances to the goal of winning an award, Lee expressed happiness that his work had been affirmed by audiences, his company, and Singaporeans who have tuned in to watch.

Chinese actor Dai Yang Tian, back in town after leaving for China to develop his career, thanked fans profusely for still remembering him and voting him into the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste ranks.

"Three years ago, in Singapore, I was considered one of the best, everyone surrounded me. After returning, I had to start from scratch, I had no work, I had to make everyone notice me again," said the boyish star, who wore his hair combed back and sported a trendy scarf.

"Winning this award shows me that the dark clouds will pass and times will be good again. Thank you all so much for your support."

Caldecott Princess Jeanette Aw, princessy in a pink gown, saved all her love for her fans, calling them a "blessing" and saying that she would "treasure all their support".

"I'm looking forward to graduating because this is my ninth, if I do continue to get the 10th award next year, it is a big big thank you to all of them who support me," she said.

Best Actress recipient Rui En, whose voice was hoarse from all the thank-yous, was surprisingly candid, admitting that she had suffered from some depression after filming a particularly dark role last year.

"For me, to get the award, is the best reward," said Rui En.

Chirpy, girly up and coming hot favourite Rebecca Lim said that while some of her fans were disappointed that she had lost out on Best Actress to Rui En, she was not.

"If they had called my name to go on stage for that award I would be very embarrassed, because I know I'm no where near as good as the rest of them so give me a few more years to get better," she said with a smile, adding that she would be "working very very hard from now."