Spotted : 2NE1 members shopping at Marina Bay Sands?

Elizabeth Soh
Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz

2NE1's Park Bom was spotted by fan "GDragonnnnn" shopping at MBS (GDragonnnnn's Twitter)

UPDATE: Yahoo! Singapore knows why 2NE1 is in town - if you really want to find out what they are doing here, be at Clarke Quay's Read Bridge by 7:30 pm tonight! TGIF!

At least two members of K-pop girl group 2NE1 are here in Singapore for a "secret event".

Park Bom and Sandara Park were spotted shopping at the Marina Bay Sands shopping arcade on Thursday, accompanied by their managers, stylists, and of course, local fans.

Nicknamed the "Park Sisters" by their fans, both band mates share the same surname but are not actual sisters.

According to 2NE1 Twitter fan "GDragonnnnn",  Park Bom, sporting a new shorter hair cut, was seen carrying several large bags from beauty store Sephora and luxury brand Chanel, while Sandara was spotted going into the MBS Casino.

There was no sign of the other two band mates, CL and Minzy.

2NE1 fansite "We Love Bom" ran "fan accounts" from fans who were camped out at MBS waiting for a lucky glimpse of the girls.

Fan GC2NE1 posted a photo of an autograph from Sandara, tweeting that she " was standing right behind Bommie (Park Bom) and she smelled so good."

Fan GC2NE1 managed to get an autograph (left) from Sandara and snap a photo of the star herself (Photo from GC2NE1's Twitter)

2addicted2ne1, who was wearing a Sandara fan t-shirt, managed to hand Sandara customized 2NE1 candy from local candymaker Sticky Singapore and was rewarded with a smile before the pop star was ushered away by managers.

The two 2NE1 members are believed to be in town for a private recording or event held by a local telco company. The full group will be back in Singapore again in December for their first-ever New Evolution Global Tour.