Do Singaporean girlfriends behave like this?

Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz

"Everyone says I'm a sweet girlfriend... and I treat my boyfriend very well," intones a cute looking Singaporean girl as the YouTube video starts.

Just before she starts henpecking her boyfriend into stumbling servitude, demanding a drink, and then insisting she wants a diet soda instead of a normal Coke. She goes on to give him murderous looks when he forgets to get her a cup of ice and a straw with her drink.

This tongue-in-cheek video titled "Sh*t Singaporean Girlfriends Say" has been getting some serious attention on social media, with over 100,000 hits since it was posted on Dec 16.

The "Singaporean Girlfriend" in the video is almost bipolar - going from sweetly insisting that she gives her boyfriend "space" to violently yanking him from a gathering with friends in a rage.

Despite the clearly exaggerated acting, it appears that the Singaporean Girlfriend's behaviour has hit a nerve amongst boyfriends - and girlfriends here.

"It's funny, and I think its true -- so many of my ex-girlfriends are like that," said 26-year-old engineer Ryan Chao, who shared the video on his Facebook page.

"Singaporean girls treat their boyfriends like slaves. Carry my bag, get me a drink, no you can't hang out with your buddies."

Student Bettina Lee, 19, however, found the video "insulting".

"It should be sh*t bad Singaporean girlfriends say, not all Singaporean girls are like that, and not all boyfriends are henpecked. I hope people don't take it too seriously," said Lee.

The video is believed to be inspired by the original "Sh*t Asian Girlfriends Say", which has over 4 million views to date and portrays the typical Asian girlfriend as petty, materialistic, superficial and insecure.

What do you think? Are Singaporean girlfriends really like that?