Punk rockers Fall Out Boy return to music scene as ‘men’

Peace Chiu
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Fall Out Boy say they've grown up during the four-year hiatus. (Yahoo! photo)
Fall Out Boy say they've grown up during the four-year hiatus. (Yahoo! photo)

Pop-punk rockers Fall Out Boy say a four-year hiatus has made them grow into "adults".

Speaking to the media on Monday before their “Save Rock and Roll” concert at Fort Canning Park on Tuesday night, guitarist Joe Trohman said the time off allowed them to “become better human beings and better at working with each other.”

Bassist Pete Wentz elaborated that “the good stuff got great and the awkward stuff got more awkward, in the best possible way.”

Wentz added that not only have they become “fully men”, they have also established how “awkward” they are as a band, which was something they were trying to figure out when they were younger.

The band, best known for smash hits like  Sugar, We're Goin Down, Dance, Dance and This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race,  made a comeback earlier this year with a new album, which shares the same name as the tour, which debuted straight at No. 1 on the Billboard charts.

But despite their four-year break, the boys insisted they haven't lost their fun side.

When asked by a reporter what's the most “adult” thing they’ve done, Trohman got the crowd chuckling when he answered “online banking”.

On a more serious note, lead singer, guitarist and composer Patrick Stump said before the hiatus, he had a “really comfortable spot” where he always wrote all the music, which was “fun” to him and something he wanted to do.

But after the break, during which Trohman had spent time writing music with other bands so that he could bring those experiences back to Fall Out Boy, Stump understood that Trohman wanted to be more involved in the song writing.

So he “volunteered” to allow for a lot more space for the other members to participate, even though he acknowledged that it felt "kindda weird at studio at times" when he wanted to give his input.

Stump said that was one of the most “adult” things he has done.

In the four-year break, some members have gotten married and become a dad.

But they say they won’t be giving up their punk attitude.

Wentz, who has a four-year-old son with ex-wife Ashlee Simpson, said, “You can grow up and still be an artiste, in some ways, it adds new ideas.”

“I think my brain is opened to a whole different path of thinking from chasing a four-year-old around,” added Wentz.

Fall Out Boy will be performing live at Fort Canning Park on Tuesday night at 8 pm. Tickets are still available at all Sistic outlets at S$110.

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