He owns nearly 500 Transformers toys

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A collection of some of hardcore fan Marcus Goh's autobot figurines from "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". (Photo courtesy of Marcus Goh)

29-year-old Marcus Goh has lost count of the number of Transformers toys he owns.

When asked, he paused for awhile before responding, "My friend once estimated it to be at about 400... but I think I'm up to about 500 by now."

The scriptwriter has had an almost lifelong love affair with the Autobots and Decepticons, even naming his personal domain and Twitter handle after Optimus Prime.

His sheer enthusiasm for Transformers showed through as plain as day when Yahoo! Singapore met him at the launch of Universal Studios Singapore (USS)'s Transformers: The Ride on Friday evening.

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Goh won himself an invitation to the ride's official launch after participating in a competition organised by USS. Fans had to submit images "pledging their allegiance", by depicting the signature Autobot symbol in their photos.

For his entry, Goh assembled all of his red-coloured Transformers and laid them out in formation against a black background, and spent about six days asking his friends on Facebook and Google+ to help him "like" his photo.

Transformers hardcore fan Marcus Goh wears his 3D glasses and holds up his VIP pass before boarding the Transformers ride. (Photo courtesy of Marcus Goh)

To be among the first on the ride, the word of the night for him was "buzzed".

Goh, wearing a Transformers T-shirt, confessed he was so nervous about finally getting to experience the Transformers ride that he spent "a rather embarrassing amount of money" on vintage models of Transformers on bidding site eBay on Thursday night.

"I was psyching myself up (for today) listening to the Transformers soundtrack on the way to work, in the gym and all over the place," he added.

Goh said he was most excited about Evac, the new Transformer that was specially created for it, among the numerous battle scenes that unfolded during the ride.

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"The effects were pretty good too, it really simulated the feeling of being in the vehicle," he added.

His head bears an Autobot symbol

23-year-old Malcolm Chen shows off his Autobot hairstyle that won him first place in a USS-organised competition for "Transformers: The Ride". (Yahoo! photo/Fann Sim)

Yup, you read that right. And you saw it right, too.

23-year-old Malcolm Chen's love for Transformers drove him to get the back of his head shaved into the shape of the trademark Autobot symbol.

The undergraduate told Yahoo! Singapore that he had first gotten his hair "tattooed" that way when Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon was released thanks to his close friend, a hair tattoo artist.

As winner of the USS "Pledge your Allegiance" competition, Malcolm Chen had the privilege of standing on stage to launch the Transformers ride by activating the Allspark with Michael Bay and other VIPs. (Photo courtesy of RWS)

"(Transformers) is a part of my childhood, and it's great to have an insignia like that on my head," he said, adding that this is by far his favourite hairstyle, having donned designs of brick walls and radioactive signs before, among others.

Chen did not need to fight that hard for his victory in the USS photo competition (the same one that Goh participated in), however, having only posted his photo on his Facebook wall twice during the competition period to promote it -- yet, his entry came in with the highest number of votes, winning him a spot on stage with Michael Bay at the official launch of Transformers: The Ride.

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"I'm really glad to be here, and it plays a very important part of my growing-up years," he said. "I caught all three movies and I really enjoy the storyline."

Chen particularly enjoyed the impact of the ride when he took it.

"The atmosphere you're in -- you're thrown into the ride... the freefall was great," he said. "I'm probably going to go again and again."