Fan of live music? Now’s there’s Bandwagon

Jeff Oon
Singapore Showbiz

If you love live music, look no further than Bandwagon. (Screencap)

If you love nothing more than knocking down a beer while chilling out to live music, this is heaven sent.

Bandwagon, a website and free web application that is Singapore's first and only live music gig finder, aggregates all the live music gigs happening in Singapore on any particular day.

It lets you know when and where local and international acts are playing and even directions on how to get there.

Launched last month after a year in beta development, the comprehensive live music directory now boasts a super-easy, clean user interface and has grown from a single page to over a thousand gig, artiste and venue pages.

Major partners include Esplanade Group, Timbre Group, Hard Rock Cafe as well as all the major concert promoters in town.

Entrepreneur Clarence Chan hopes to take Bandwagon regional. (Yahoo! photo)

The braindchild of Clarence Chan, a 26-year-old entrepreneur and recent graduate of Singapore's Management University, Bandwagon also helps to promote original music and grow the community of live music lovers here.

A former musician himself, Chan told Yahoo! Singapore says his labour of love was borne out of frustration for not having  a single, updated site about where to find good live music.

"I used to be one of those  people that would go these live music venues and key in the events calendar of interesting gigs manually and I thought to myself, 'wouldn't it be nice if all this content could be on the internet such that anyone could access it from home or on the phone?', " said the founder and managing director of the one-year-old site.

"Fans could then search based on the band, venue or genre of music that they like, so I had this idea to consolidate all this information, partly to solve my own problems and also I'm hoping many out there as well," he added.

Working closely together with the bands, promoters, agents and live music venues, Chan says he and his team keeps their gig information timely and updated for fans.

Further forward, he even has plans to take his live music portal regional. But for now, he can sit back and enjoy that his site has finally taken off.

And fortunately for music fans, they now never have to miss their fave band or gig again.