Christopher Lee, Rui En win big at 2013 Star Awards

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An emotional Christopher Lee dedicated his Best Actor win to the late Huang Wenyong (Yahoo! Photo/ Elizabeth Soh)

[Correction: When Chen Hanwei mentioned that he had "graduated", it was in reference to the fact that it was his 10th win and he is no longer eligible for the popularity award. We are sorry for the error.]

The highly coveted Best Actor and Best Actress went to hot favourites Christopher Lee and Rui En at the emotionally-charged Star Awards 2013 on Sunday.

Caldecott 'princess' Rui En also scooped an award in the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes category, adding it to her yearly collection. In her Best Actress speech, she thanked her fans for their unwavering support, flashing a rare dimpled smile.

For "Ah Ge" and veteran actor Lee, however, his victory-speech took a far more personal touch. In an emotional voice, he dedicated his win to the late and beloved actor Huang Wen Yong, who lost a battle to lymphoma last week at 60.

"Wenyong-ge (older brother), to us, you will always be the Best Actor," said Lee, struggling to hold back tears backstage as he spoke to reporters.

He also openly declared his love for his wife, actress Fann Wong, saying that the past week's events have shaken him into remembering never to take those you love for granted.

Lee's sentiments were echoed through the glitzy event by other winners.

Stars jump up to congratulate veteran actress Lin Meijiao on her Best Supporting Actress win (Yahoo! Photo / Liew Tong Leng)

Best Supporting Actor winner Tay Ping Hui also dedicated his win to Huang, saying that his 'only regret' was not being able to share it with him today, while Best Supporting Actress, veteran Lin Mei Jiao, spoke about how both she and Huang had always been content to be in the background and never expected to win big at the Awards.

The most emotional dedications in memory of Huang, however, came from his young daughter, Mei En, and frequent co-star, Xiang Yun, who read out a poignant poem to the mournful tunes of a violin.

The late Huang Wenyong's daughter and wife gave a touching speech in his memory (Yahoo! Photo/ Liew Tong Leng)

"Although my father is not here, he now feels even closer to us instead, because he is in our hearts, and that is for forever," said Mei En, who took the stage with her mother pay tribute to her father's memory.

When it was announced that Huang had won a Top 10 Most Popular Male award at the end of the show, he received a standing ovation.

Stars stand up and give a standing ovation after the late Huang Wenyong's Top 10 Popular Male Artiste Award is announced (Yahoo! Photo / Liew Tong Leng)

"Although this is the last award he will ever receive, I know how happy he would be to know he had won," said an openly crying Xiang Yun, who received the award on his behalf.

All proceeds from phone calls made in support of Huang in the Top 10 Most Popular Male Artiste Awards were donated to a charity of Huang's family's choice.

Despite the generally sombre tone of many speeches, Sunday's Star Awards had many unexpected light-hearted, cheeky, and heartwarming moments.

One line that will be remembered for a while is the usually taciturn Fann Wong's quip to va-va voom China actress Lynn Hung (former beau of Hong Kong star Aaron Kwok).

"The most eligible man in this room is already married... to me," deadpanned Fann before bursting out in girlish laughter. True to form, her husband gamely stood up and sent flying kisses her way.

New IT couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu walk the red carpet, hand in hand (Yahoo! Photo / Liew Tong Leng)

Newly minted IT couple Joanne Peh and Qi Yuwu also stole the screen with their lovey dovey hand-holding and radiant looks of devotion.

"I've waited for this a long, long time," said Qi when asked on the red carpet how he felt about appearing with Peh.

Peh did not disappoint.

During her thank-you speech, Peh -- who recently admitted to openly dating fellow actor Qi Yuwu earlier this month -- said, "To family and friends who were all worried, you don't have to worry anymore. It's in this company I found my true love."

Veteran actress Lin Mei Jiao and Tay Ping Hui share the stage for Best Supporting Actor and Actress (Yahoo! Photo/ Elizabeth Soh)

Dedicated hubby Tay Ping Hui won Best Supporting Actor, revealed to reporters that he had made oatmeal for his wife before heading out on Sunday morning. However, he stayed coy about baby plans.

"Yes, she's very healthy, but I'm not so healthy," he said cryptically when asked how his wife was doing and if they had a mini-Tay on the way.

The Top 10 Most Popular Actresses went to Rui En, Yvonne Lim, Jeanette Aw, Vivian Lai, Ann Kok, Kym Ng, Belinda Lee, Joanne Peh, Rebecca Lim and Quan Yifeng.

Meanwhile, the top 10 Most Popular Actors went to Elvin Ng, Chen Hanwei, Dasmond Koh, Pornsak, Dennis Chew, Bryan Wong, Zheng Geping, Dai Yang Tian, Lee Teng and Huang Wenyong.

The popularity award was an especially emotional experience for veteran actor Chen Hanwei, who is no longer eligible for the award after receiving it for the 10th time.

"I've finally graduated," said the bespectacled actor, raising his award in the air.

Specially flown-in VIP guests, a regal Lynn Hung and equally stunning TVB star Linda Chung provided the extra glitz and glamour as they helped hand out the Male awards.

Spunky flame-haired Kym Ng won Best Variety Show Host on Sunday. She was the only female nominee (Yahoo! Photo / Elizabeth Soh)

Meanwhile, spunky flame-haired Kym Ng wins Best Variety Host, "sharing" her award with rubber-faced Bryan Wong.

"I'm the only female artiste, so I worked the hardest and I should win," quipped the comedienne, who was the only woman to be nominated in her category.

Stay tuned for high-resolution photos of the Awards and our story about the stars and their fashion hits-and-misses coming out soon.

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