A chance to touch your 4 Minutes of fame

Elizabeth Soh
Elizabeth Soh
Singapore Showbiz

4 Minute at their Plaza Singapore appearance (Photo courtesy of tvN)

The 2000 fans came in droves - some rushed down straight from school and were still in their uniforms, others had been camping out at Plaza Singapura since 9 am on Tuesday morning, and those even more die-hard had flown in from Jakarta the night before.

They were there to catch their favourite K-pop girl band, 4 Minute - and all 15 minutes of their blink-and-you'd miss it appearance - that left many of those present disappointed.

Fans who had been waiting from as early as 9 am (Photo courtesy of tvN)

"I took one week to finish making my 4 minute poster, from translating the Korean words to buying the neon paint so they could see it from the stage," said secondary school student Karen Lee, 15, who said she spent all her pocket money on the supplies.

"In the end, I could barely hear anything they said over all the screaming, and they didn't even perform a single song," said Karen, who was close to tears when 4 Minute exited the stage.

"But at least I finally got to see them in real life. I love them so much!" she said.

Throbbing anticipation had been in the air after emcee host Ah Ken of Radio 100.3 worked the crowd into a frenzy, getting them to sing along to 4 Minute hits like "Heart to Heart" and "Mirror Mirror", even inviting 3 male fans to come up onstage to display their booty shaking dance moves.

So when the girls finally made their appearance after several false starts, the fans, very simply, went crazy.

Most started screaming, some sobbing as they reached out to wave wildly at the girls, and a pair of young girls clutching a neon " I LOVE 4 MINUTE " poster spelled out in carefully twisted light sticks looked like they were about to faint.

The crowd goes wild when the girls finally walk in (Photo courtesy of tvN)

Their roaring adoration was so intense that Ah Ken had to remind the audience twice to stop screaming because the 5 girls could not answer his questions over the fans' frantic declarations of love.

4 Minute was in town to to promote the second series of tvN's Kpop Star Hunt,  a joint production between tvN and Cube Entertainment, which manages the girls as well as their equally popular brother-group, B2st.

Bounding onto the stage with hundred-watt smiles and dressed in an assortment of casual but girly ensembles meant to represent each of their differing personalities, the girls answered the usual questions about their visit here.

They shared that they had tried kaya toast in Singapore, and one member, So Hyun, liked it so much she had it thrice again today. The local tea-time sandwich has gained popularity in Seoul, with several cafes opening their in the past year serving "kopitiam" favourites.

However, the focus of their answers remained on Star Hunt, which is launching its second season this month after its very popular first season last year.

"Keep working hard, because your dreams can come true one day," was the advice the girls had for aspiring K-pop stars.

CUBE's CEO Hong Seung-Sung, who was also present, said that the company was looking out for a "confident" candidate.

Star Hunt gathers contestants from the region, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and Thailand who will audition and compete for a chance to be trained in Seoul under Cube. The winner gets signed on by Cube and will then continue training before debuting into the highly competitive K-pop scene.

Last year, Singaporean Jasmine Tan made it all the way to the semi-finals before being booted off. The pint-sized Thai winner, Sorn, is currently being trained in Seoul.

The girls ended off the session with a meet and greet with six lucky fans that was just that - meet, greet, and a group photo all in less than five minutes - before they were ushered off stage and below ground by security, leaving a still exhilarated but slightly disappointed audience behind.

4 Minute with the lucky winners of a tvN online contest (Photo courtesy of tvN)

"Huh, that's it?" was heard repeatedly as fans continued to crane their necks for a glimpse at the girls amidst the dispersing crowd.

Those disappointed but still dying for a chance at getting to know 4 Minute as sunbae (seniors), can sign up for tvN's Star Hunt at www.tvnstarhunt2.com.

You can also record your audition on high-quality sound systems and with the help of producers at Star Hunt's pre-audition roadshow. It will be held at Plaza Singapura's main atrium on 28 July from 12 pm to 6 pm.