‘Ah Boys to Men’ theme song goes viral

Singapore Showbiz

The movie, and now the song, is going down well with Singaporeans.

The catchy, uplifting melody that is "Recruit's Anthem" -- the theme song of Jack Neo's latest production -- is going viral.

Composed by YouTube personality Tosh Zhang, who goes by the stage name Tosh Rock, the song was written specially "Ah Boys to Men", a comedy about all male Singaporeans' famous rite of passage -- national service.

The 4-minute song has garnered almost 300,000 views and over 450 comments on YouTube over the past two weeks.

Zhang raps:

As a boy in Singapore
you gotta do your thing
step up and serve the country
gotta do your thing
5 BX
every morning has
become a routine
wonder why I gotta serve
once I turn 18

Zhang told Yahoo! Singapore that he was inspired by his own memories and experiences as a recruit in Tekong back in 2009. He spent a couple of weeks writing and composing the song and most of it was written on set in Tekong. In his own words, Tekong was the perfect songwriting environment for "Recruit's Anthem" because of the military atmosphere.

Reaction to the song has been overwhelmingly positive.

While Zhang is elated from the positive responses from the public, his personal goal for the song is for recruits in Tekong to actually sing the song while they train or march.

"That would absolutely make my day and truly solidify the song as the 'Recruit's Anthem'", he added.

YouTube user Procar09 said, "It is really a rite of passage for a Singapore boy to become a Singapore man."

Full-time national serviceman Joel Lim, 21, told Yahoo! Singapore, "I think all national serviceman that went through combat basic military training will find the song quite funny and meaningful."

Behind the song though lies a more serious message and as events of this past week have revealed, the two years spent during national service is no laughing matter.

It requires sweat and painful sacrifice on the part of all involved -- from the NSman himself to his parents, family, commanders and the SAF support network.

Perhaps that's why the video is such a hit. Watch it here.