Think your boss is bad? At least he doesn’t make you crawl on your knees in public

Shereen Dindar
Contributing Writer
Shine On

Chinese companies are not exactly known for being a bastion of outstanding employee treatment.

So when we hear about a Chinese cosmetic company that made its employees crawl on their knees in Chongqing's busy commercial district -- it should come as little surprise to most Westerners. Yet somehow, the news that comes out of that country continues to amaze.

The controversial event took place on May 2 and was blogged about by many local city residents who witnessed the events, reports China Smack -- a website devoted to translating popular Chinese news stories for an English speaking audience.

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A few people notified police who later showed up to clear the area and give the male employer responsible the equivalent of a slap on the wrist.

The police reportedly "criticized" and "educated" the employer, who claimed he simply wanted "to train them to deal with pressure."

What exactly did the employer think he was achieving? Did his employees ability to perform this exercise really translate to their ability to handle pressure? Or was his intention to create an atmosphere of employer dominance, to drill into his employees the idea that they are subservient to him?

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In another controversial incident involving a Chinese company, two employees committed suicide at a Foxconn factory last month, a company that manufactures Apple iPhone products.

Foxconn subsequently relaxed its "mute mode" policy, which forbids employees from talking about anything non-work related, as the policy was blamed for the suicides.