Ramon Bautista On Fashionable Girls

Photo courtesy of Ramon Bautista
Photo courtesy of Ramon Bautista

Everyone knows that Ramon Bautista is funny. But should we take him seriously? Style Factor does. He is, after all, a university professor. We sit down with the funny man outside the booth of radio station Magic 89.9's Boys Night Out show on a late Monday night. We repeat: a late Monday night. And for people who are avid listeners of the show, they know what Mondays are for. For those who don't, 89.9 is infamous for its Manyak Mondays. And Ramon takes the former word seriously—and we mean that in a good way. We tinker with the word and pick his brain to decipher who the real Ramon Bautista is, his thoughts on being a manyak, on fashionable women , and why single people shouldn't listen to Christmas songs.

Style Factor: Who is Ramon Bautista?

Ramon Bautista: An internet action star, radio dj, TV commercial model, university professor, and next-boyfriend material kind of guy. I also wrote a book, "Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo". Currently number 2 in the best-sellers in National Bookstore.

SF: Do you consider yourself a manyak?

RB: No. I am perfectly conservative. I'm a gentleman.

SF: What is a gentleman?

RB: A gentleman is a man who hides his inner manyakis very well.

SF: So all guys are manyaks?

RB: Oh yeah of course. It's just a matter of how they hide it and how they show it.

SF: So is there such a thing as a good manyak and a bad manyak?

RB: In the beginning, of course you put your best foot forward.

SF: Then that's not being real!

RB: Oh, that's being real. That's how it's done. If you want to be real, then you have to get ready for manyaks and jerks,and guys who will tell you you're fat, and that they want to have sex with you—that's being real. And guys who are real are branded as manyaks. Totoo yun.

SF: What in your opinion is a fashionable woman.

RB: I'm not really a fashion guru. I just look at girls and hope that what they wear suits them, their personality and the weather for the day.

SF: Do you have a preference?

RB: Yeah! I like girls who seem very approachable and that they don't project someone they're not. And I hope I can take them out for a value meal or something. A low-maintenance girl. If she looks like the type who won't eat at a fast food chain, I won't date her because she'll end up as a high-maintenance girl.

SF: So you think a fashionable woman is high maintenance?

RB: Yeah of course. That's the societal term for a fashionable girl. But for me, someone who is fashionable is easy to get along with, and fits my fashion and my lifestyle.

SF: What is the one thing you've learned about girls from your mother?

RB: That they can be really mean sometimes. They can be strict and that you can't mess with them. They're also stupid drivers—my mom told me that.

SF: What about from your yaya?

RB: That girls can be really caring. They'll make you Milo, too.

SF: From your sister? Do you have sisters?

RB: Oh yeah, they can be brats. They can be annoying and not very likeable.

SF: From your last ex-girlfriend.

RB: Oh no! What I learned from them is that love really hurts. You have to find that there's more to life than love.

SF: But doesn't the world revolve around love?

RB: It revolves around money and power. (Laughs) It revolves around work and being a better you, and making other people happy.

SF: Since Christmas is nearing, let's talk about gifts. If there's a guy who doesn't have money and wants to buy a girl a gift, what's your advice?

RB: He doesn't have a right to get a girl if he doesn't have money. Love is a very expensive thing to maintain.

SF: What if it's the other way around?

RB: Same with her.

SF: That's pretty practical. Let's talk about music. What should the broken-hearted listen to this Christmas?

RB: Not Christmas songs definitely! Because these songs, I believe, have some subliminal messages embedded in them. They make you feel that nobody loves you. You're so lonely and that everybody is happy except you because you don't have a love life. So better not listen to Christmas songs.

SF: What kind of girl is a date-able girl?

RB: That's someone who can eat fast food, eat a value meal, ride a jeepney, and not very maarte—that's a dateable girl. Of course she has to be able to carry a good conversation. Plus na yung maganda siya at sexy siya.

Photo courtesy of Ramon Bautista.

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