Shadowy villainy! An Iron Man army! Pepper in her bra! The 10 coolest moments from the new ‘Iron Man 3′ trailer

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The new and final "Iron Man 3" trailer showcases a movie that, thankfully, doesn't look nearly as grim and depressing as the first teaser suggested. However, it does look like the first chapter of Marvel's Phase Two does make for Tony Stark's most daunting challenge yet as his sweet pad gets blown to smithereens, Guy Pearce gives him grim warnings and Ben Kingsley makes existential threats in a cool villain voice (really, is "You'lllll neverrrr seeeeee meeeeee coming" destined to be the new "Why so serious?").

Here are the ten coolest moments from the "Iron Man 3" trailer, complete with comic book panels, er, screengrabs for your reference.

1. Tony and Pepper Make It Official-ish (0:15)

Tony Stark looks dashing in a white suit, Pepper Potts looks stunning in an evening gown and the necklace looks appropriately romantic (and expensive). Is one of the most notorious celebrity playboys finally committing to settling down? Good news for the happy couple ... and for any supervillains looking for a weakness to exploit.

2. Behold the villainous Mandarin! (0:39)

Emperor Palpatine, er, the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) makes a terrific bad guy entrance -- his hooded head covering his villainous visage, the lighting exquisitely art-directed to be moody and ominous. We have a feeling he's going to be a cooler character than whoever that guy was who Mickey Rourke was playing.

3. Mandarin's Bling of Evil (0:51)

You can tell he's a bad guy because, really, who but an antagonist would weigh their hands down with such intrusive trinkets? This guy has minions do his dirty work for him rather than getting his own hands dirty because ... well, because of their limited mobility. And it's here that Kingsley utters his sure to be oft-imitated "You'lllll neverrrr seeeeee meeeeee coming," which would've sounded even cooler in his "Sexy Beast" voice.

4. Flying (Falling) the Unfriendly Skies (0:56)

There's an earlier moment in the trailer where we see Iron Man rushing to the rescue of these poor former plane passengers, though this later shot is much more striking because, well, we don't see any Iron Man anywhere, do you? You really get a sense of how insurmountable the task at hand is going to be with this shot -- just how in the heck is Tony going to save so many people? Hopefully War Machine (or the Iron Patriot, or whatever the hell Don Cheadle is called in this...) is somewhere nearby.

5. Grimly Determined (1:29)

This is a great close-up of Tony as he's surrounded by chaos and destruction, seemingly having a little trouble with getting into his armor. The mask slams onto his face a few frames later, though until then it's nice to get a glimpse of the vulnerable Man behind the Iron when the stakes are so high (and things are on fire).

6. Preparing the Iron Men (1:57)

We guess that's what's going on here, right? These are the "reinforcements" that we'll see later, and the many men in suits that we see on one of the recently released posters. "Iron Man 3" apparently features a mission that's too much for just one Man, though we're admittedly glad that Shane Black didn't go the James Cameron route and called the movie "Iron Men."

7. Tony Stark: John Woo Action Star (2:00)

Well, here's a sight we never thought we'd see: Tony Stark channeling Chow Yun-fat and engaging in double-gun action ... and out of his Iron Man armor, at that. This is a much more hard boiled Stark than we've seen before -- we sure hope he's in for a better tomorrow (and doesn't take a bullet in the head himself). (We apologize for all that, by the way, but it had to be done.)

8. Pepper Potts: Hot (FIERY Hot!) Underwear Model (2:01)

Um, did Joss Whedon direct this? Was it not enough putting her in jean shorts in "The Avengers"? Well, trouble often does go down during the most inconvenient (and scantily-clad) times -- John McClane shouldn't have taken off his shoes and his socks and then walked around on the rug barefoot and made fists with his toes, after all.

9. Tony Jumps on His Costume (or something) (2:09)

Whoa! Tony Stark apparently doesn't need his Iron Man armor to jump from ridiculous heights. Well, true, the jump here was made with the intention that he would land on his already-flying armor and be assimilated into it (that is what's happening here, yes?) -- and, this being a movie in which those kinds of crazy endeavors are successful, he indeed succeeded -- but still. Hey, we wouldn't try something like that.

10. Army o' Iron Men (2:24)

We're assuming this bit of awesomeness sets up the third act showdown in which all these flying War Machines (or whatever they're called, if anything) take on all of Ben Kingsley's dastardly rings. While it's probably safe to assume that the spectacle at hand won't be as big as that of the six-hour battle scene that closed "The Avengers," we're sure it's going to make for some mighty fine "summer movie entertainment." Make Ours Marvel!

Check out the full trailer for 'Iron Man 3':