Lawson rocks out ‘LOUD’ at Singapore showcase

Rahimah Rashith
Going Out – By Night

Hordes of screaming fans greet Lawson in their Singapore gig (Yahoo! photo)

“SO LOUD!” was how Lawson’s lead singer Adam Brown described the band’s first-ever Singapore gig on Friday.

And for more than an hour, the UK pop-rock band left its pulsating neon-light waving army of rabid teen fans at St James Power Station gasping for more.

Performing to a sold-out crowd, the 4-piece gang opened the night with Everywhere You Go and instantly drove fans, also known as geese, into a hyper-zealous eruption of sequels and screams. The song from Lawson’s latest album Chapman Square was punctuated by celebratory bangs and flashes that lit the room up like a rave party.

The exhilarated roars of the crowd were only matched by the band’s electrifying start. They were energized, joyous performers and their excitement was infectious.

Testament to the exuberant fun both sides had, the band later posted this photo of the night on Instagram:

Lawson having a great time at their Singapore gig (Instagram photo)

After gaining considerable success as a support act for The Wanted in 2012 and subsequently clocking in a series of high-profile support slots for Will Young and Avril Lavigne, Lawson finally rakes up a pumping crowd to call their own.

Throughout the night, plenty of guitar picks were strewn into the crowd as the lads offered their dance anthem Learn To Love Again, which gave the cue for bass guitarist Ryan Fletcher to shrug off any inhibitions as he channeled his inner sex god.

He did it in his own way, delivering multiple riffs from his bass guitar. A few grooves in, he swivels his body — chest forward, head back, fully tattooed arms caressing his guitar — and gets into a trance. For that moment his singular purpose of stroking the guitar gave the girls a run for their money.

Easy to conclude, there is no one singular face and voice of the Lawson, all four boys are in rocket high demand.

“Tonight is the best night every, ever”, screams fan Abigail, a 16-year-old student. “I loved everything from start to end, I love it when Ryan showed me his ass and shook it.”

A cheeky fan sign by Lawson fans (Yahoo! photo)

As the evening grew darker, they drew in their sentimental love song Standing In The Dark their third single to hit the UK charts. The song starts like a processional hymn and stays in that realm for the fans to belt out along to before Lawson swivels it decisively toward rock grandeur.

Distinctive to Lawson, their songs are a bit of everything – definitely pop, bangs, flutters and plenty of heartbreak.

Andy Brown—the band’s lead singer and acoustic guitarist-- and his long-term relationship that went sour, are the inspiration to most of the songs. The album name Chapman Square itself is the building where he lived in with his ex-girlfriend. It was also where Lawson spent many of their early days as a band, and recorded their very first YouTube videos which paved the way for a record deal in June 2011.

Many of Lawson’s best moments involve wordless lyrics, just oohs and ahhs. They become somewhat a core function of the Lawson sound, sometimes more fundamental than lyrics itself.

For more than an hour, the show was an amped-up library of Lawson’s best and when it ended, it left fans clawing for more. Even the set list was torn into shreds once it was thrown into the pool of neon wrists.

For a band so young, their support is immense. Watch their Singapore showcase here: