Blogger's Instagram versus reality bum post applauded by fans

Blogger Lauren Curtis has shared an honest photo to help encourage women to love their bodies no matter what.

Admitting it can be “crippling” to worry about our supposed “flaws”, Lauren posted three photos for her Instagram followers.

“I usually only post photos of my best angles with the best lighting because I look at those photos and they make me feel good about myself,” Lauren wrote alongside the first photo showing off her pert derriere.

“But it doesn’t mean I’m also not proud of my body when it doesn’t look like that.”

She went on to share a side-by-side comparison photo of her bum – cellulite, stretch marks and all.

“In the second photo I’m clenching my butt cheeks to demonstrate that I still have my fair share of cellulite….my stretch marks and lil spider veins,” she wrote.

“I used to be so worried people would notice all these ‘flaws’ and it’s honestly crippling.

“In reality we ALL have them to some degree and they do not matter.”

Her fans have applauded the influencer for her truthful post, saying more people on social media should be this authentic.

“I love this post so much,” one person commented. “This is going to help so many women feel more confident in their own skin. We need a lot more of this authenticity on social media.”

“Thank you for sharing and also making myself and others realise to love our body no matter what shape,” another wrote.

And she’s not the only one reminding us that behind every envy-inducing snap is real life, as the gallery below shows.

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