Blogger gets real about plus-size fitness

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Allison Kimmey is calling on women to ‘let it all hang out’. Photo: Allison Kimmey Instagram

For too many of us, it’s waist size rather than wellness that plays on our mind when we hit the gym.

We’ve all been guilty of mentally shaving or adding a few inches here or there, but for one body positive blogger enough is enough.

Allison Kimmey is all about promoting self love and positive attitudes towards women’s bodies, turning Instagram on its head with her no-filter approach to beauty, and now she’s getting raw and real about how we talk about fitness.

Where many airbrush and filter, Allison takes a ‘warts and all’ approach to social media, and she’s inviting other women to do the same.

In a recent post published to her Instagram account – which boasts almost 200k followers – the ‘self-love expert’ invites her followers to “let it all hang out” alongside an unfiltered photo of her morning workout.

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The photo, which has racked up over 5,000 likes, shows the blogger planking in her activewear; belly out and smile wide.

The post challenges women to rethink the way we approach exercise,  insisting getting active should not be “a war against your body”, or a way of “moulding yourself into society”.

The blogger told Yahoo Lifestyle she’s trying to spread a more positive message, inviting her followers to find “joy in movement”, and in their bodies.

“My message was that, contrary to the constant messages from diet culture, our sole job on this planet is not to work to make ourselves smaller,” the blogger explained. 

“We CAN move our bodies simply for pleasure, and when we do, it’s okay that they jiggle, hang, and MOVE with us.

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“It’s okay if you live in a bigger body to not be on a mission to constantly make it smaller.”

And if the comments are anything to go by, it’s a message many women have been ‘hanging out’ for.

“Exactly what everyone needs to hear ❤,” wrote one woman.

“I love this SO much,” wrote another. “There is so much joy in movement and it’s ok to not look like everyone else.”

For the body-positive mum, the most important message is to ‘just do you’, and on International Woman’s Day she’s determined to share it.

I want every woman and girl to understand that she is uniquely made, and that she is worthy of love, joy, respect, and opportunities no matter her shape, size, age, colour, ability or mental state,” the blogger said.

Now that’s a fitness mantra we can get behind. 

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