Bleached eyebrows are trending, but you shouldn’t attempt to DIY them

kendall jenner bleached eyebrows
kendall jenner bleached eyebrows

Overshadowed by the Y2K years in 2022, the ’90s didn’t take long to reappear in the beauty world. And it’s a trend we thought forever forgotten that’s bringing the decade back into fashion’s spotlight: bleached eyebrows. Celebrities, influencers and other social media users are going wild for the look, to the point of risking skin reactions, or worse.

Although fashion trends traditionally move from the catwalk to the street, social networks are now overshadowing the most renowned designers. However, with the exception of a few appearances on TikTok, it was actually at Fashion Week that bleached eyebrows made their first, albeit discreet, appearance in 2022. In February that year, while most of the big fashion houses were doubling down on references to the 2000s, Versace stood out by serving up a beauty look straight out of the previous decade. At the brand’s Milan show, half of the models, including Gigi Hadid, took to the catwalk with no eyebrows, or rather, with barely visible bleached blonde eyebrows. Surely, that could never catch on… or so we thought.

A ’90s throwback trend with bleached eyebrows

Three months later came the fashion world’s most coveted red carpet event: the Met Gala. Restyled as a modern-day Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian bleached her hair blonde. So far, so logical. But her sister, Kendall Jenner, took a bolder approach, stepping out with completely bleached eyebrows.


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And her look certainly did not go unnoticed, even convincing many others to adopt what is becoming an unavoidable beauty trend.

Bella Hadid, Kim Kardashian, Maisie Williams, Kylie Jenner, Lena Situations, Lady Gaga and many more…Everyone — or almost — seems to have chosen to experiment with the trend, whether for one night or a few days, but never for very much longer.

That’s all it took for the trend to go viral, and take over social media. On Instagram, the #bleachedbrows hashtag has nearly 40,000 posts, but it is — as often — on TikTok that the trend has spread like wildfire. The same term already counts more than 200 million views worldwide, and the trend doesn’t seem to be waning — quite the contrary. Some videos featuring users bleaching their eyebrows are now reaching several million views, reflecting a real craze for a look that is not without risk.

Why you shouldn’t DIY bleached eyebrows

Anyone who has ever bleached their lower back hair — yes, that was a thing in the 2000s too — will know that bleaching body hair can pose potential risks that should not be taken lightly. Cosmetic products designed to bleach eyebrows most often contain chemicals, such as hydrogen peroxide, that can cause allergies or other skin reactions, and can damage the hair and skin. Not to mention that this particular bleaching procedure takes place close to the eye, which requires a certain amount of dexterity. To avoid unnecessary risk, it’s better to leave this beauty procedure to professionals, or to use makeup, which is an effective alternative.

On TikTok, some users have already opted for this solution, rocking a (theoretically) temporary color change without the risk of regretting a hastily made decision. In most cases, it’s a matter of using a concealer or a corrector and spreading it on the eyebrows with a mascara wand or an eyebrow makeup applicator. In a few seconds, the job is done, and you’re ready to step out with the trendiest star style of the moment.

@alxcextbleaching my brows to match my hair ❤️‍🔥

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