The bizarre 'topless' jacket dividing the internet

A ‘topless’ jacket has divided the Internet due to its striking lack of fabric beneath the collarbone. [Photo: Fashion Nova]

Fashion risk-takers have again been invited to bare all following the release of a bizarre ‘topless’ jacket that’s dividing the internet.

The electric blue threads are part of a two-piece set made up of long tracksuit pants and a matching top, which has been bravely snipped beneath the collarbone.

Fashion Nova is the US-based plucky brand behind the creation and they’re daring buyers to bare almost all of their chest and torso with the design’s sheer lack of fabric.

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When the business took to Instagram in a bid to showcase the look to its followers, thousands were left a little more than baffled at what they saw.

“What’s the point of the top if you aren’t covering anything?” asked one perplexed customer. 

Another noted the jacket’s designers “had really cropped that top,” before inviting buyers to instead “buy one for $20 [£15.20] and cut it yo self damn.”  

The show-stopping jacket and pants actually retail for a steep $49.99 (£37.94) and will likely find a strong customer base from the more 29,000 likes it has garnered on Instagram.

And the set’s bizarre style wasn’t its only flaw according to one customer, who said they’d be keen to make the purchase if only “the bottoms were tight right by the ankle”.   

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Another user was even more ready to take the plunge, calling the two-piece set ‘flawless’.

Although outlandish, the tracksuit is far from the first barely-there option dividing online buyers this year.

Cling film pants left thousands baffled following their release last month due to being almost completely see through, and a risque swimsuit caused a stir weeks earlier thanks to its polarising high-cut.

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