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The 25 best birthday gifts for him in 2024

He deserves the best, and these thoughtful birthday gifts for men fit the bill.

Fossil black watch, Wrigley Field candle, Aeropress coffee maker
Celebrate him with these standout gift ideas — from a smarter-than-him bird feeder to a $20 gadget that'll keep his golf clubs clean.

Since you're here, I'm assuming your guy is just like all the men in my life. My dad, brothers and boyfriend are one in the same: They tend to buy whatever they want, whenever they want — even if their birthday is mere days away. That leaves me — and, apparently, you — in a tricky spot. Instead of giving them a gift card or cash to put toward their next purchase (which, let's face it, will inevitably happen right before your anniversary, Christmas or Father's Day), shop straight from this list of the best birthday gifts for him.

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But how can I, Yahoo's gifting editor, possibly know what your guy wants for his birthday? Well, I tapped the different men in my life for gift ideas, plus I thought back to my greatest wins over the years (like the Halfday duffel that my boyfriend uses every time we travel). I also sprinkled in a bunch of Yahoo reader favorites, along with some expert-backed picks like the buzzy Ninja Creami and Ember smart mug.

There's a gift idea for every budget and need, whether you're eyeing something small to complement a gift experience or you're hoping to spoil him with a new piece of tech. Keep scrolling to find great gifts for the men you love most — even if they seemingly have everything under the sun.

Shop birthday gifts for him by category:

Pro golfers don't settle for dirty clubs, and neither should your guy. This retractable brush is small enough to store in his golf bag so he can clean his gear between shots. It also holds up to four ounces of water to help with the stickier (er, muddier) situations. (Psst, we've rounded up even more gifts for golfers here.)

$20 at Amazon

Is he the type who likes to know, like really know, how things work? Mike Warren had the same curiosity, which is why he used a high-pressure waterjet cutter to bisect an assortment of everyday items and documented his findings in this bestselling book. This book grants your giftee a closer look at vacuum cleaners, boxing gloves and other products from daily life.

$27 at Amazon

He's a do-it-all kind of guy, but he still needs a helping hand now and then. This five-in-one tool does just that — he can use it to cut boxes, open bottles, pull out nails and tighten hex nuts. It can even hold an AirTag (sold separately), so he won't lose it — or whatever else is attached.

$21 at Huckberry

What happens when you combine Old Bay seasoning with hot sauce? Pure magic. Or, as one rave reviewer put it, the "best balance of flavor and heat." Dab a little bit on wings, seafood or eggs for added spice.

$5 at Amazon
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$5 at Target$94 at Oriental Trading Company

Even when he's being one with nature, he still likes the comforts of home — namely, his morning coffee. Our Tech Deals Writer Patrick Hearn found space in his backpack for this three-in-one brewer when he traveled the world and gushes that it "made even the cheapest coffee grounds taste delicious." Brew a cup of joe in a minute flat, pack it away, and get back on the road.

$40 at Amazon
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$40 at Target

This foldable travel charger is so good that Executive Tech Editor Rick Broida says he's "thinking seriously about using this full-time on my nightstand." Now, that's quite the stamp of approval from a tech expert who's seen (and tested) it all. I can see why it got such a rave review: Once unfolded, this compact charger can simultaneously power up an iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods — plus, it comes with an AC adapter, so he can use it right out of the box.

$40 at Amazon

When he's tuning in to the game from his living room, he can light up this candle and pretend he's sitting in the stands. Each candle is inspired by the scents of a particular stadium, and apparently Wrigley Field smells like grass, fresh air, steel and caramel popcorn. You'll only hit it out the park if you get his home team right, so be sure to double-check before gifting.

$34 at Homesick

Legos are made for kids — and, well, kids at heart. This 800-plus piece kit is more detailed than the standard, kid-appropriate ones and takes a couple of hours to build, but that's half the fun. In the end, he'll have an eight-inch Darth Vader helmet that he can proudly put on display.

$64 at Amazon
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$80 at Kohl's$64 at Target

Bourbon and chocolate go together like you and your guy. Throw some pecans into the mix and you've got a Kentucky classic that's sure to satisfy his sweet tooth.

$32 at Pappy & Company

Wren is known for their high-quality waterproof bags, but their new-and-improved shoulder sling is better suited for everyday carrying (especially if he's on beer duty). He can store a six-pack in the insulated compartment and stash his keys, wallet and bottle opener in the front mesh pocket.

$45 at Bespoke Post

Made with the outdoors in mind, this quick-dry towel is a must for hikers, campers and anyone who wants to be prepared for whatever comes their way. And when I say quick dry, I mean it: Nomadix claims that this towel holds four times its weight in water and dries four times faster than traditional terry cloth towels. Pick from 50 eye-catching designs, including this one with a map of all the national parks and monuments.

$40 at Nomadix

Technology has come a long way, but somehow he can't use his AirPods to watch movies on the plane. That is, unless he has one of these handy Bluetooth transmitters that lets him pair his wireless headphones with in-flight entertainment, gym equipment and more. Splash out on the Pro model (Broida says it "worked flawlessly"), so two people can listen to something simultaneously.

$55 at Amazon
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$55 at Best Buy

I've given my boyfriend quite a few gifts over the years, but this do-it-all duffel remains one of my greatest successes. He's taken it with him to destination weddings, weeklong vacations and weekend getaways. Unzip it to reveal a hanging garment bag, which is roomy enough to hold a couple of dress suits. Our Managing Editor Scott Simone, who has owned (and loved) one for two years, says it can still "fit a week's worth of clothes" even with a suit inside.

$98 at Halfday

Done well, not well done — that's his motto when it comes to meat. This smart thermometer keeps track of the internal and external temps, along with the remaining cooking time. It'll ding when it's done, and he'll be left with perfectly cooked fish, chicken, steak or another meat of his choice. Our Senior Deals Writer Carrie McCabe had her husband try it out, and he claims that it "almost feels like cheating."

$100 at Amazon
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$100 at BBQGuys$78 at Daily Steals

Watches stand the test of time — see what I did there? Show the birthday boy that you love him big-time (sorry, I can't be stopped) with a new piece of arm candy. Although it's a classic, somewhat predictable gift, this matte black timepiece is sure to make a statement.

$82 at Amazon
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$98 at Macy's$116 at Walmart

See? Even the most practical gifts can have personality. Add his initials, name or a short message (up to ​eight characters at the ankle and 20 characters across the toes) to this set of five crew socks, available in black and gray.

$50 at Uncommon Goods

His tech accessories should be handled with care. With this folio-style pouch, he'll rest easy knowing he won't arrive at his destination with a mess of tangled cords and cables. That's because it has a designated spot for his gadgets and gizmos — his portable charger goes in the magnetic slip pocket, power adapters fit in the stretchy mesh pockets and so on.

$59 at Amazon

Eye strain's got nothing on this heated, Bluetooth-enabled massager. After a day in front of the computer, he can slip on this massager and soothe tired, strained eyes. He'll choose between different modes, depending on whether he wants compression, heat, vibration or a combination of all three. "I suffer from behind-the-eye headaches frequently, and while this will never fully mimic the touch of human hands, this is as close to a facial massage as you're going to get from a small, wearable device sold on Amazon," one five-star fan wrote.

$70 at Amazon

More of a nice-to-have than a necessity, this self-heating mug will really up his coffee game — especially if he's a slow sipper. Just brew a cup of coffee or tea, set it and forget it. Seriously, it keeps drinks at the desired temperature for up to 80 minutes — or a full day if it's on the charging coaster.

$103 at Amazon
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$104 at Walmart$130 at Wayfair

His current bird feeder gets the job done, but does it capture high-res photos and videos of his feathered friends? Didn't think so. Snag the more advanced model with built-in AI so that he can identify the different species. Don't tell, but I'm planning on giving this to my dad for Christmas or his birthday — only time will tell. 

$170 at Birdfy

When it comes to ice cream, his greatest skill is making it disappear. The next time he finishes off a pint, he can whip up a custom and cool creation in this ice-cream maker. Broida put this TikTok favorite to the test and found that it's not just an ice-cream maker; it's also a great way to blend up frozen yogurt, slushies and other hot-weather treats.

$200 at Amazon
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$230 at Wayfair$250 at Kohl's

If he's on Instagram, he's probably seen Kiziks. Their shtick: All of their sneakers are designed to be taken on and off without hands (or bending over, for that matter). They're not your average slip-on shoes, though; one reviewer gushed that "the only thing better than the feel of my Kiziks is how good they look," and friends thought he spent four times as much.

$109 at Kizik

A smoking gun isn't exactly a kitchen essential, but it's a simple way to amp up meats, vegetables, cocktails and other homemade creations. This battery-operated device produces cold smoke, making it versatile enough for most dishes and drinks. Wood chips are included, but reviewers point out that it's a good idea to stock up some extras since you burn through them rather quickly.

$120 at Amazon

Rave reviews prove these top-rated nubuck leather and shearling slippers really are all they're cracked up to be. "I’m a longtime slipper snob. These are hands down the most comfortable and well-made slippers I’ve tried," one happy customer gushed. Another added: "Today my husband was flying out for business and I had to stop him at the door and remind him to change into business shoes!"

$130 at OluKai

A cross between cornhole and golf, this lawn game will show him (and everyone else) how strong his swing really is. Kick things up a notch by challenging other partygoers to a round of golf — the person with the most holes-in-one wins.

$169 at Mark & Graham

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