Razor brand releases Movember campaign: 'Women have moustaches too'

Caroline Allen
This new campaign is for an excellent cause. [Photo: Billie]

Indie razor brand, Billie, is continuing the conversation about women’s body hair with a new Movember campaign.

The brand’s Body Hair Project in 2018 was the first women’s razor brand ever to show body hair in an advert.

We’ve all seen the adverts showcasing women shaving perfect, airbrushed legs. Now, Billie is back with a brand new campaign for Movember. It has also managed to rack up another couple of firsts.

It’s the first women’s brand to participate in Movember, a fundraising initiative which raises awareness of prostate and testicular cancer. It’s also the first women’s razor brand to show facial hair. Go, Billie.

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The brand will match 100% of donations (up to £39,000) to show solidarity with women growing out their moustaches for Movember.

The campaign also hopes to go some way to tackle the taboo around women’s facial hair, too.

Ashley Armitage, who is involved in the campaign, wrote on Instagram:

“For me personally, the most stigmatised [sic] hair is facial hair. I have a ton of chin hair (thank you, Italian genes) and to this day it still makes me severely insecure.”

“We’re all on our own journeys. I am so happy to have been on a project that shows chin, lip, and general facial hair on women and non-binary people. It’s about time!”

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The brand shot its campaign video in a very similar, playful style to previous adverts. The Billie razor, in fact, was barely seen and instead, we saw people celebrating their facial hair by styling it with gel, highlighting it and combing it.

“What you do with yours is up to you - grow it, get rid of it, or comb it. It's your hair, after all.” The campaign says.

*Round of applause emoji*

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