Bill Maher Mocks How Taylor Swift Freaks Conservatives Out so Much They’re ‘Rooting for San Francisco’ | Video

Like pretty much every other night time talk show host this week, Bill Maher had some thoughts about the frankly embarrassing unhinged rantings from conservatives about the 2024 Super Bowl and Taylor Swift.

Swift, Maher joked during his monologue on Friday night’s “Real Time,” has so thoroughly freaked conservatives out that “they’re worrying about climate change and rooting for San Francisco.”

We assume of course that you’re caught up, but just in case, Swift is dating Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. And the Chiefs will be facing the San Francisco 49ers at the 2024 Super Bowl.

Here’s where it gets dumb: The Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl by defeating the highly favored Baltimore Ravens at the AFC championship a week ago. Meanwhile, Swift and Kelce have both expressed generally sane positions on issues like vaccines, and the right to vote.

As a result, conservatives have spun up a conspiracy theory which holds that the NFL is rigged like pro wrestling, and that this year’s Super Bowl is specifically rigged to somehow benefit President Joe Biden. It’s ridiculous and fascist, but absolutely not fringe.

Which brings us back to Maher, who during his monologue told the audience, “the big thing that’s most exciting is, we have the Super Bowl set. It is the Kansas City Chiefs against the San Francisco 49ers. And, interesting wrinkle, it’s the first year in Las Vegas. First year we’re doing that in Las Vegas, [which] can be a little different. Prostitutes are offering the Travis Kelce special: For an extra $50 you can score in their tight end.”

“Here’s the great story of the week,” Maher continued, “and it’s about the Super Bowl. And it just says, I mean the right wing, they are just mental. Like I can’t even. They have a conspiracy theory now that this whole game, the whole thing is rigged. Okay? That the romance between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce was engineered by the Pentagon… and the NFL was in on it. The whole season is rigged so that they could be in the Super Bowl and then after Super Bowl, Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift at halftime will endorse Biden.”

“Well, all I have to say about this is: ABORT! They’re onto us,” Maher joked.

“Really, that’s what it is. This whole romance was engineered to throw an election. Or maybe just the popular girl is dating the football player,” Maher continued. “All respect for what she’s achieved, but this is so high school. Just, ‘my boyfriend’s a football player. I wear his jacket with his number to the game. He’s gonna be prom king and we’re gonna make fetch happen again.'”

“But it has driven them, it has driven the right wing cray. I mean, Fox News, they have outdone themselves. These guys amaze me. Everything with them is always a plot. It’s always a conspiracy. Yeah, except the time people actually stormed the Capitol on the very day they were so different certifying the votes that was just spontaneous,” Maher added, referencing how Republicans deny the facts about the Jan. 6 insurrection incited by Donald Trump.

“But this thing, they are worked up about this… They’re doing this on Fox News. ‘Taylor Swift for flying on a private jet because it’s bad for the co2. That’s how irrational Taylor Swift has these people. They’re worrying about climate change and rooting for San Francisco,” he concluded.

Watch the clip above now.

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