The biggest differences between the Queen Charlotte novel and the TV show

the biggest differences between the queen charlotte novel and the tv show
The Queen Charlotte novel and TV show differencesNetflix

If, like us, Netflix’s Queen Charlotte has left you wanting more, did you know that there was a book version of the miniseries?

With even more juicy details about the love story between Charlotte and George, the book – which was written by Julia Quinn and show creator Shonda Rhimes – has a few differences from the TV series that will have you just as hooked.

Here are the biggest between the Queen Charlotte novel and the TV show...

Brimsley’s perspective

Brimsley is more of a supporting character in the TV version, while in the book we get a lot more of his point of view.

Readers will find out much more about him – such as the fact that his first name is Bartholomew and he’s an only child. He even gets his own chapters from his point-of-view. So, if you were a big fan of his when watching the series, you’ll definitely want to give the book a read next.

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George’s point of view

Much like with Brimsley, the book also has chapters from George’s perspective. It takes until around the fourth episode of the show for us to flash back and see things from George’s point of view. But in the book, we learn more about how he came to be the man that he is much earlier. We’ll also get more of an insight into his heartbreaking illness, as well as his horrible grandfather and father’s untimely death.

Lady Danbury’s life and love interests

In both the TV series and the book, we see Agatha Danbury become the iconic woman that she is after her much-older husband dies. The series also highlights the trauma inflicted during her marriage.

In the show Agatha forms a bond with Lord Ledger – Violet’s father – as we saw in that one-off romp. But in the book, this entire storyline is skipped and Lord Ledger only appears once in passing. Instead, she has a brief courtship with Prince Adolphus – Charlotte’s brother – in a bid to secure her family’s future.

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Reynolds and Brimsley’s romance

In the show we see George and Charlotte’s butlers become romantically involved but their story doesn’t really take centre stage. However, in the chapters of the book told from Brimsley’s perspective, we see their relationship unfold in more detail.

Their romance actually begins a bit like George and Charlotte’s, in the way that even though they are attracted to one another, they don’t immediately show it. In the book we see them fall for one another and we even find out how Reynolds came to be George’s aide – they actually grew up together and were each other’s only friends.

Another difference between the TV version and the book is in particular one scene – near the end when George and Charlotte spot Reynolds and Brimsley dancing together – in the show the royal couple don’t notice them. But in the book, they look over and are happy for the pair.

The need for a royal heir

Given that much of the TV series is set in the present, following the events of the second season of Bridgerton, we see Charlotte try to marry off her children to provide a legitimate heir and royal lineage.

In the book this storyline is barely mentioned, apart from at the very beginning and end of Queen Charlotte’s story.

lady danbury and queen charlotte

Charlotte and Agatha’s friendship

In the show we see Queen Charlotte confide in Agatha, as she goes from simply being the Queen’s lady in waiting to her true friend.

However, in the book, it’s made even more clear how close they are. Queen Charlotte tells Lady Danbury about George’s illness – something that only a few people outside of the royal family knew about. It cements how much these two women have each other's backs.

Violet’s story

Another storyline that only appears minimally to bookend the novel, is Violet Bridgerton’s longing for romance – something she didn’t think she would ever want again following the death of her husband Edmund. In the show we see her confide in Lady Danbury about it and that’s when we hear about Agatha’s terrible marriage. But none of this happens in the book.

Queen Charlotte is available to watch now on Netflix.

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