BIGBANG's T.O.P admits to smoking marijuana, faces charges

BIGBANG’s TOP has admitted to using marijuana before his military enlistment.
BIGBANG’s TOP has admitted to using marijuana before his military enlistment.

K-pop group BIGBANG’s T.O.P has admitted to using marijuana, following reports that the singer-songwriter is facing charges after he tested positive for the drug in October 2016.

The K-pop star’s label YG Entertainment said in an official apology that T.O.P admitted to smoking marijuana before his military enlistment in February 2017, adding that the singer is “deeply reflecting on his actions”.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency previously announced that a trichoscopy test, which tests the hair follicle for drug residue, done on the singer produced positive results, indicating that he has used marijuana. The case was then forwarded to the public prosecutor’s office, with T.O.P facing charges for illegal drug usage.

The official police report for the case indicates that he used marijuana three times between 9 to 12 October 2016, with a woman in her twenties.

Additionally, the report revealed that T.O.P attempted to brush off his drug use, stating that “it was just an electronic cigarette”, but his female companion did not corroborate his story and confessed to using marijuana. The woman has since been arrested on charges of additional drug use.

BIGBANG member G-Dragon has also previously tested positive for marijuana use in the past, but insisted that he did not use the drug.

G-Dragon said that his positive test could be due to a cigarette offered to him by a stranger, and that he did not know he was smoking marijuana as he was already intoxicated from drinking.

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