Bianca Manalo reminds public to not hoard supplies

Heidi Hsia

12 Mar – Bianca Manalo recently urged the public to be tolerant and not hoard supplies in fear of the pandemic.

On 10 March, the actress took to Instagram to relay her message, saying that people should not fall victim to panic-shopping.

"Please please do not hoard. Pity our fellow Filipinos who live on their daily wages, who can only afford to buy what they need when they receive their daily or weekly salaries. When they go to buy their needs, the shelves will be empty," she wrote.

Manalo stated that while she hated to admit it, it is the upper class that may cause the shortage and increase of price.

"Pantries will be full in the exclusive villages, while the poorer man will have little choices..." she added.

The Philippines is currently placed under a state of public health emergency as more coronavirus cases are reported.

(Photo Source: Bianca Manalo Instagram)