Beyonce gifts Reese Witherspoon and Cardi B new Ivy Park collection

Beyonce posing in new Ivy Park designs. Credit: Instagram - @beyonce

Celebrities including Reese Witherspoon, Cardi B, and Zendaya have been gifted Beyonce's upcoming Adidas x IVY PARK collection.

The superstar originally launched the athleisure company in 2016 with Topshop tycoon Philip Green, but after buying his shares to assume full ownership of the brand, Beyonce revealed in April she was partnering with Adidas bosses to release the new Ivy Park, which is due for release on Saturday.

To promote the line in the run-up to the launch, the Formation hitmaker decided to send the entire unisex collection, contained in a big orange box on wheels, to a bunch of celebrities, who took to social media to gush about their coveted gift.

The Legally Blonde star shared a video on Instagram of her mother wheeling the orange box up her driveway before the pair unclipped the front. The footage then turned into a montage of Reese stepping out of the box and posing or dancing in a variety of Ivy Park ensembles, such as the purple jumpsuit, the purple form-fitting dress, sneakers, and a beanie hat.

"Does this officially make me the newest member of the #Beyhive?" she wrote in the caption. "Thank you, @Beyonce for the #IvyPark swag!"

Cardi also posted a video of her standing in front of the orange box before filming herself sifting through items on the rail.

"So, I just got home and look what I got. B**ch Beyonce done give me a closet... I gotta open it," she can be heard saying.

Zendaya simply shared a picture of her posing in front of the orange box on her Instagram Stories and thanked Beyonce in the caption, while model Hailey Bieber shared a video of her going through the rail and called it "the coolest thing I've ever been sent". She was photographed wearing the purple crop top and matching tracksuit bottoms while she visited a dance studio on Wednesday.

Actresses including Laverne Cox, Yara Shahidi, and Issa Rae were also sent the surprise gift.

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