Beyoncé Knowles Returns To Her Destiny's Child Roots By Plaiting Her Hair Into Cornrows

It seems that Thanksgiving is going to the heads of those US stars, literally. Last week, Miranda Kerr tweeted a snap of herself sprawled on the floor while Mila Jovovich painted her face and Lady Gaga celebrated the holiday by unveiling her brand new dreadlocks via Twitter. Yikes! Now comes another new hairstyle courtesy of Beyoncé. The gorgeous singer has returned to her glorious Destiny's Child Days by donning old school cornrows in homage to the beginnings of her rather fantastic hairvolution.

The tiny plaits feature in a photo of Beyoncé and her adorable baby daughter Blue Ivy, which she posted on her Tumblr this weekend. No doubt this neat, no-fuss hairstyle is the easiest way to go when you're a new mother - no more worrying about straightening your weave when you have a baby daughter to tend to, right?

Beyoncé Knowles Returns To Her Destiny's Child Days By Plaiting Her Hair Into Cornrows

Admittedly, Beyoncé has never been one to shy away from a daring 'do and has showcased a huge variety of hairstyles over the years. From the voluminous and super-silky honey-coloured curls that she pulls out for glitzy award ceremonies to the amazing ‘fro she debuted in Austin Powers, she knows how to keep us on our toes. But we're really loving this latest hair update, not least because it reminds us of those heady days back in the '90s when The Writing's On The Wall was on repeat on our CD players and a fresh-faced Beyonce graced the album cover complete with a full-head of bleached cornrows [above]. Fierce!

So what better time that now to remember ten of our favourite Beyoncé hairstyles? And if you're not rushing to the hairdressers to copy her cornrows, fear not and take inspiration from the simple buns and elegant ponytails. Yep, that Bey really can do it all.

By Helena Hamilton and Sarah Jane Montgomery

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