Need a new iPhone charger? This £6.99 cable has almost 6,000 five-star reviews

This iPhone charger has almost 6,000 reviews and is an Amazon bestseller [Photo: Getty]

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We used to beg, steal or borrow when our iPhone charger went missing - basically anything so we didn’t have to invest in an expensive new one.

However times, they are a changin’, and you no longer need to buy an Apple official version to keep your smartphone topped up.

This £6.99 Syncwire charger is currently selling like hotcakes on shopping website Amazon, with tech-savvy bargain hunters heralding it as the “perfect replacement”.

Buy it: Syncwire Lightning iPhone Charger Cable | £6.99 from Amazon

And the charger, which plugs into an Apple plug or a USB port, isn’t called ‘lightning’ for nothing. It’s due to the fact that it supports ultra-fast charging (2.4A current), which can be 20% faster than cables without the original Apple chip.

That means that if you’re in a hurry, or sharing a cable with someone else, you can maximise charge potential in a short amount of time.

And the benefits of this particular cable don’t stop there, as one iPhone user explained alongside his five-star rating: “This particular Lightning Cable is a more durable improvement over Apple’s original design.

“The slim aesthetic is pretty much identical to an original lightning cable, as well as the overall cable shielding design and USB connector. The difference is that this cable can take more abuse and can withstand day to day wear and tear.”

Another happy customer was equally as impressed: “Bought this for my teenage daughter as yet another charger cable had somehow broken.

“I’ve always stayed away from non-Apple chargers before, believing that they could somehow cause damage to your phone. After some careful research I found out that this is not the case and ordered this cable.

“It’s nice and long and does everything that it’s supposed to do. So far, zero complaints from the daughter and pennies saved for me (as it was less than half the price of an apple lead).”

Finally, the time has come where a snapped iPhone cable doesn’t fill us with fear. Have we reached the other side?

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