Best things to eat, see, and do along the new MRT Pink Line in Bangkok

The new MRT Pink Line is ready to be ridden on, and don’t we just love a good ride? Currently in its trial run, and officially launching on 18 December 2023, here’s where the new transport link will take you, as we explore what to do along the new MRT Pink Line in Bangkok.

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Image credit: Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand/Facebook

There are 30 stations connecting Nonthaburi to the Northeastern part of Bangkok, and the MRT Pink Line provides ease of access for a lot of suburban residential zones running along the line, as well as cultural sites and a few notable spots for food and drinks. So if you’re making plans in Thailand, let us throw you a few ideas.


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What to do along Bangkok’s new MRT Pink Line

Image credit: Linn Lindström/Unsplash
Image credit: Linn Lindström/Unsplash

Jog in the Makut Rommayasaran Park

Station: Nonthaburi Civic Centre

The Nonthaburi Civic Centre station is the first station of the MRT Pink Line, connecting with the MRT Purple Line located North of Bangkok. The Makut Rommayasaran Park is a large park popular among joggers and those who want to relax and watch the world go by. The pond in the middle has an abundance of wildlife, from birds and fish to friendly water monitors.

Image credit: The Garden Grill Yakiniku/Facebook
Image credit: The Garden Grill Yakiniku/Facebook

Enjoy an all-you-can-eat A4 wagyu dinner at The Garden Grill Yakiniku

Station: Sanambin Nam

The Garden Grill is perfect for meat lovers. It was once hard to travel to due to the fact that it is located all the way in Nonthaburi, but the new MRT Pink Line certainly helps with that. The Japanese-style yakiniku place is packed to the brim with different cuts of beef, pork, and even fresh sashimi if you want to switch things up. Their most premium all-you-can-eat price is also inclusive of A4 wagyu beef.

Image credit: Shelagh Murphy/Pexels
Image credit: Shelagh Murphy/Pexels


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Attend concerts at Impact Muang Thong Thani without the traffic stress

Station: Muang Thong Thani

Impact Muang Thong Thani is perfect for many visiting artists and performers to show off their talents to Thai fans, but sometimes, we think it’s just better to miss the chance to see them in person than to even bother going there. This is due to the traffic jams, the sheer distance, and the lack of public transportation. Now, thanks to the MRT Pink Line, it’s just a short motorcycle taxi ride from the station.

Image credit: The Administrative Court of Thailand
Image credit: The Administrative Court of Thailand

Learn about the famed justice system of Thailand at the Administrative Court Museum

Station: Government Complex

You can learn all about the Thai government system at the Administrative Court Museum, located on the second floor of The Administrative Court of Thailand.

Image credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand
Image credit: Tourism Authority of Thailand

Embark on a cultural tour at Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan

Station: Wat Phra Sri Mahathat

Initially intended to be called Wat Prachathipatai (translating to the Temple of Democracy), this is the first temple ever built by the state after the Siamese revolution of 1932. As such, this place is deemed as historically significant for being a symbol of victory over conservative royalists, as well as the beginning of the efforts made by the People’s Party. History buffs may enjoy taking a stroll through the temple complex.

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Image credit: Blacksugar Cafe BKK/Facebook


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Grab pastries and get your work done at Blacksugar Cafe

Station: Maiyalap

Cafe, shop, gallery — Blacksugar has all things minimal, from the interior down to their amazing pastries. With the black and white decor prominent as you walk in, you’ll find the art pieces adorning the walls very eye-catching, seemingly asking you to take them home. We recommend a coffee of your choice, and a slice of their delicious banoffee pie.

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Image credit: @erikgoldtv/Instagram

Shop local ingredients for your next home-cooked feast at Minburi Market

Station: Minburi Market

The wet market a brief walk away from the MRT station is filled with a lots of ingredients you can get your hands on for your next homecooked feast, from top-quality limes to whole chickens. A great place to check out for any home cook.

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