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Sometimes you just can't beat a sandwich. It's the perfect vessel for leftovers and can bring nostalgia and comfort, all together in a few bites. Whether you love a classic cheese toastie, or want a pastrami on rye, you'll find endless inspiration with our top recipes below.

Deli-Style Pastrami Sandwich

Inspired by the New York 'pastrami on rye' - this version uses a cheat's pastrami and tastes so good.

Recipe: Deli-Style Pastrami Sandwich

deli style pastrami sandwich
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Shrimp Po' Boy

This Louisiana specialty features deep-fried shrimp with a creamy, tangy and hot sauce slaw. Divine!

Recipe: Shrimp Po' Boy

shrimp po boy
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Chicken Caesar Loaf

Similar to a muffuletta sandwich, but stuffed with all the flavours of a chicken caesar salad. Creamy, crunchy and meaty. Delicious!

Recipe: Chicken Caesar Picnic Loaf

chicken caesar loaf
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Fish Finger Sandwich

A nostalgic recipe that can't be beaten. We've made our tartare sauce from scratch and it's definitely worth the extra step!

Recipe: Fish Finger Sandwich

fish finger sandwich
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Lox Brioche Rolls

Cream cheese, smoked salmon and pickled cucumber is a winning combo when served in soft brioche rolls.

Recipe: Lox Brioche Rolls

lox brioche rolls
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Pastrami Bagel Quarters

The simplest and cutest party idea - quartered bagels with a cornichon and skewer in the top!

Recipe: Pastrami Bagel Quarters

pastrami bagel quarters
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'Chuna' Mayo Sandwiches

This hearty veganified tuna mayo sandwich uses chickpeas in place and mashed slightly for a chunky texture.

Recipe: 'Chuna' Mayo Sandwiches

chuna mayo sandwiches
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Turkey Sandwich

The perfect use of leftover Christmas turkey, but equally as good all year round if you've got turkey in the freezer, too.

Recipe: Turkey Sandwich

turkey sandwich

Chicken Club Sandwich

If you love a club sandwich, you'll love this chicken version with the characteristic toasted white bread and extra slice in the middle.

Recipe: Chicken Club Sandwich

chicken club sandwich
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Scandi-style Sandwiches

These Scandi-style open sandwiches, also referred to as smørrebrød make a perfect light lunch or snack. Top with your favourite sandwich options.

Recipe: Scandi-style Sandwiches

scandinavian open sandwiches
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Swiss Grilled Cheese and Ham Hock Toastie

Ham hock is such an easy way to add loads of flavour to a dish and its salty profile works brilliantly with nutty Swiss cheese.

Recipe: Swiss Grilled Cheese and Ham Hock Toastie

swiss grilled cheese sandwich
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Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

This is simplicity at its finest. Crisp, cold cucumber wedged within cream cheese and fresh mint. The perfect afternoon tea accompaniment.

Recipe: Cucumber Finger Sandwiches

cucumber finger sandwich
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Ultimate Toasted Sandwich

The cheese pull in this toasted sandwich is one of life's greatest pleasures. We use a secret ingredient to make the outside extra crispy.

Recipe: Ultimate Toasted Sandwich

ultimate toasted sandwiches
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