The best places to buy premium wagyu beef in Singapore

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where to buy wagyu beef singapore
where to buy wagyu beef singapore

Like all things Japanese, wagyu beef has local diners in its throes of passion. Here are eight places in Singapore where you can buy the most premium cuts of wagyu beef.

Prized for its buttery flavour, umami, and tenderness, wagyu (literally “Japanese beef”) can come from four different Japanese cattle breeds, with Kuroge, or black cow, being the most common. Premium cuts follow a grading system from A1 to A5, and the highest grade represents top quality. While wagyu hailed from Japan, not all Japanese beef is wagyu; similarly, not all wagyu comes from Japan.

Exceptional Japanese wagyu are usually branded with the region where they come from, such as the world renowned Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef from Rie Prefecture. Many butchers here also offer them directly imported from Japanese suppliers. Here is where to find them.

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The best places to buy premium wagyu beef in Singapore

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Anzu Meat Factory

Anzu Meat Factory is the supplier to tonkatsu restaurant Ginza Anzu in River Valley. They specialise is Miyazakigyu, an award-winning wagyu beef that has an even distribution of fat and is only graded A4 and above. Cuts from striploin to short rib are available, as well as Anzu Chicken, which is raised in Malaysia using Japanese technology, and Canadian Mugifuji Pork, thought to be juicier, more tender, and sweeter.

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Ginkakuji Onishi

From Kyoto to Singapore, Ginkakuji Onishi is a Japanese butcher first established in Japan’s ancient capital in 1953 and brought over here by restaurant chain Astons. They specialise in all cuts of wagyu including intestine and tripe, and also sell marinated yakiniku slices. Hokkaido pork and a range of condiments from Kyoto are also available.

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Gyu San

Gyu San is a new venture by former Akira Back chef de cuisine Tomoyuki Kiga, and Linh Lam of Mrs Pho, who is one of Singapore’s few female butchers. The duo has teamed up to sell over 55 premium wagyu cuts sourced from all over Japan including Satsuma Gyu’s Kamichiku from Kagoshima, Iwate’s Kanzaki Gyu, and Hida Gyu from Gifu. Prime cuts include striploin, tenderloin, and ribeye, while secondary cuts range from flank to oyster blade. For dine-in, they offer sando made with Japanese wagyu katsu, which is fried in its fat. They have just opened and are working on their retail website.


7 Wallich St, Unit 01-03 Guoco Tower, 078884


Website here


8313 6633

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King of Wagyu (KOW)

King of Wagyu is a new Japanese butchery that lords over Upper Thomson Road. Run by former Park Hotel Alexandria executive chef Ian Hioe and commercial director Michael Lee, their aim is to bring in high quality wagyu beef directly from Japan. They sell cuts from yakiniki slices to cubes, and also offer sando and steaks for dine in.


183 Upper Thomson Road, Longhaus, #01-01, 574429 google map


8388 1831

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Ito Ushi

Ito Ushi sells the highly exclusive Matsusaka beef from the Matsusaka region in Mie Prefecture. Rarely found outside Japan, it comes only from virgin female Japanese black cattle, and is prized for its high fat-to-meat ratio. At Ito Ushi, it comes in forms from steak to yakiniku slices, as well as secondary cuts like tri-tip, oyster blade, and zabuton (chuck flap).

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Wagyu Beef Singapore

Part of food importer Fieldseas, Wagyu Beef Singapore sells a selection of Japanese wagyu cuts from shabu shabu party platters to breaded beef tenders for sando. They offer different marbling grades for steaks, as well as a 30-day aged wagyu ribeye and sirloin steak for a more intense umami flavour. Beef tongue yakiniku, beef and pork balls, and wagyu burger patties round out the selection.

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Yakiniku Plaza

Yakiniki Plaza is the retail arm of S Foods, a Japanese company set up in Singapore to promote the export of Japanese wagyu beef. The meat is imported directly from Japan, and offer premium brands including Hida, Ohmi, and Saga. Steak cuts are available, as well as slices for shabu shabu, yakiniku, and sukiyaki. They also sell Hokkaido pork, which is said to healthier and more tender than regular pork.

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