The Best Pineapple Tarts To Get In Singapore For Chinese New Year

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For good luck and prosperity in the new year, you simply can’t forget about getting freshly-baked pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year. Luckily, there are a lot of bakeries and shops all around Singapore that offer delicious pineapple tarts for you and your loved ones to enjoy and include in your festive feast.

Where To Get The Best Pineapple Tarts In Singapore

1. Amethyst Pastry & Cakes

Amethyst Pastry & Cakes is the home of one of the best Cheese Pineapple Tarts to add a cheesy twist to the traditional Chinese New Year treat. Aside from pineapple tarts, you can also try their Hainanese mooncakes that are available every Mid-Autumn Festival. Get their seasonal treats to complete your family’s festivities!

Contact: +65 6759 2338

Location: Blk 524A Jelapang Road #02-04 Greenridge Shopping Centre

2. Baker’s Well

Image Source: Baker’s Well website

For a yummy selection of pineapple tarts and traditional cookies as well as other delicious treats, Baker’s Well will surely make your family’s festivities sweeter with their variety of artisan bakes. To still have that true homemade taste, their products are freshly made with an array of cookies, muffins, cakes and other delicious pastries to share with your loved ones this Chinese New Year.

Contact: +65 6348 6864 or email at

Location: 35 East Coast Road, Singapore 428754

3. Cedele

Image Source: Cedele website

If you prioritise you and your family’s wellness more than anything, Cedele’s healthy pineapple tarts can be the festive treat for you to enjoy. Just like their other eggless and gluten-free products, their Pineapple Pocket Pie is handmade and free from trans-fats. This all-time bestseller from their Chinese New Year specials is also shaped just right to pop a mouthful of the sweet treat.

Contact: +65 6922 9700 or email at

Location: 1 Kaki Bukit Road 1, #02-41, Enterprise One, Singapore 415934

4. Crystal Jade

You can get your annual pineapple tarts supply from Crystal Jade where they make smooth and flavourful treats that your entire family can enjoy on Chinese New Year. Their tarts have a light and flaky texture that makes its taste so unique from the rest. You could also try their other treats with influences from the Hong Kong culinary scene to complete your festive feast.

Contact: For enquiries, visit here

Location: For branches, visit here

5. Ding Bakery

Image Source: Ding Bakery website

For more freshly-baked handmade pineapple tarts, Ding Bakery’s festive treats melt right in your mouth. Their award-winning recipes are worth to try and are made with no preservatives so you can happily share with your family for Chinese New Year. These bite-sized pineapple tarts are made with the best ingredients to give you that rich flavour and flaky crust that you just can’t miss out on.

Contact: +65 8890 9055 or email at

Location: 140 Paya Lebar Road, AZ Building, #03-13 Singapore 409015 Singapore, Singapore 409015

6. Dona Manis Cake Shop

You can count on delicious treats at Dona Manis Cake Shop as they value quality over quantity. Their pastries are handmade and fresh to eat with their pineapple tarts worth the visit to Katong Shopping Centre. Their freshly baked banana pie is also very popular so make sure to try this well-loved bake as well as their other traditional cakes and pastries.

Contact: +65 6440 7688

Location: 865 Mountbatten Road #B1-93 Katong Shopping Centre Singapore, Singapore 437844

7. Janice Wong

The Chinese New Year cookie hampers from Janice Wong come with sweet pineapple tarts as well as other festive bakes. Their Cookie Hamper Set is complete with cookie jar items including Caramel Popcorn, Pineapple Balls and, of course, Pineapple Tarts. Or you can get their Big Cookie Hamper that has new flavours such as Chocolate Bakkwa Cookies, Chocolate Pineapple Balls and Macademia Raisin. You may also purchase their pineapple tarts and cookies in single cookie jars.

Contact: +65 6280 2325 or email at

Location: 37 Mactaggart Road, #03-01, Singapore 368083

8. Joyus Pastries

Get a tub or a whole party pack of pineapple tarts from Joyous Pastries. Your Chinese New Year feast will be complete with their festive cookies, prawn rolls, Kueh Lapis, Spicy Crispy Cuttlefish and so much more yummy treats. You can also trust their pastries for that local taste as all of their tarts and biscuits are made from traditional recipes that were passed down from generation to generation.

Contact: +65 6455 6757

Location: Blk 114 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4, #01-355, Singapore 560114

9. Kele Confectionery

Image Source: Kele website

Kele Confectionery has a variety of unique pineapple tart choices from traditional to sweet potato pineapple tarts as well as matcha, cheese and cocoa. Put a modern twist to this Chinese New Year favourite and also try their cookie series along with some shrimp rolls. These canned pineapple tarts could be the perfect gift to give all your loved ones for another happy year.

Contact: +65 6908 1511 / +65 6560 1249

Location: 2 Smith Street, Singapore 058917 / 15 Jalan Tepong, Jurong Food Hub 06-16, Singapore 619336

10. Le Café Confectionery & Pastry

Image Source: Le Café Confectionery & Pastry website

These pineapple tarts are shaped into “Golf-ball” tarts for a mouthful of a delicious buttery taste. Along with its yummy moist pineapple filling, the outer crumbly crust makes it all the more appetising to snack on during the festivities. These are actually Singapore’s first-ever round pineapple tarts and you can guarantee that they are free from pork as well as lard so go on and enjoy this sweet treat from Le Café Confectionery & Pastry.

Contact: +65 6337 2417 or email at

Location: For branches, visit here

11. Mirana Cake House

While preparing for your festive little get-together, you can get your Chinese New Year Goodies from Mirana Cake House where they have not only pineapple tarts but also cookies, shrimp rolls, Kueh Baulu and Kueh Bangkit. The best part is that they come in big tubs that are just perfect to share with all your loved ones. They also have mouthwatering pastries and savoury treats such as cream puffs, egg tarts, chocolate roll and more!

Contact: +65 9005 4314 or email at

Location: For branches, visit here

12. Pineapple Tarts Singapore

Image Source: Pineapple Tarts Singapore website

With free delivery for every order above $100, you can enjoy this local critically acclaimed treats from Pineapple Tarts Singapore. Their bestselling pineapple tarts come in a variety of choices such as cheese, salted egg and of course the traditional recipe. Despite its name, you can also enjoy other Chinese New Year goodies from cookies to Kueh Bangkit and even Salted Egg Crab Sticks.

Contact: +65 8127 0477 (Whatsapp only) or email at

Location: 11 Sin Ming Road, Thomson V Two, #01-30, Singapore 575629

13. The Pine Garden

Image Source: The Pine Garden website

Aside from their wide array of delicious cakes, The Pine Garden also offers Handmade Pineapple Tarts made from rich buttery pastry as well as Pineapple Tarts Rolls that are just as yummy for a Chinese New Year treat. Although their handmade pineapple tarts are at a limited stock only so make sure to grab some just in time for the festivities.

Contact: +65 6457 6159 or email at

Location: For branches, visit here

14. PrimaDeli

pineapple tarts in singapore
pineapple tarts in singapore

For sweet and savoury festive treats during Chinese New Year, PrimaDeli has its signature Supreme Pineapple Tarts that are made from freshly grated pineapples and premium butter. You might also enjoy their other variation of Orange Pineapple Tarts that are just as delicious with a bit of a zesty twist. They also offer special Chinese New Year cookies to add to your little festive feast.

Contact: +65 6276 3333 or email at

Location: For branches, visit here

15. SunnyHills

pineapple tarts in singapore
pineapple tarts in singapore

Image Source: Facebook / SunnyHills Singapore 微熱山丘

SunnyHills makes all their yummy delights from 100% all-natural ingredients with recipes prepared by award-winning chefs. Don’t miss out on their Chinese New Year specials that aside from pineapple tarts also include “Wang Lai” Fortune Cake, Pineapple Cake Tart and more. These sweet tarts are also available on Shopee and Lazada for a last minute online order!

Contact: +65 8522 9605 or email at

Location: 3 Seah Street, Singapore 188379 / 391 Orchard Rd B2-27A, Takashimaya Shopping Centre, Ngee Ann City Singapore 238872

16. Wang Lai Bakery

pineapple tarts in singapore
pineapple tarts in singapore

Image Source: Wang Lai Bakery website

From a traditional recipe passed down from generations, the treats from Wang Lai Bakery are a great addition to your Chinese New Year festivities. Their award-winning and affordable pastries including of course pineapple tarts, prawn rolls, cookies and more are worth to try and share with your loved ones. All their products are also handmade and homemade with a promise of authentic traditional flavours.

Contact: +65 88184 585 (Whatsapp only)

Location: 20 Sin Ming Lane, Midview City, #03-58, S573968

17. 7-Eleven Singapore

Image Source: 7-Eleven Singapore

To make your Lunar New Year shopping more convenient and easily accessible, 7-Eleven Singapore will be offering a pre-programme that will help provide your Chinese New Year reunion with goodies and gifts from Peach Garden, Eu Yan Sang and Bee Cheng Hiang. Complete your small festive feast with their delicious treats including of course Peach Garden’s pineapple tarts. From dinner delicacies and other festive cookies such as Almond Pumpkin Seed Cookies, Kuih Bangkit and many more, you can set your new year table with convenient pre-orders from your nearest 7-Eleven store.

Contact: +65 1800 891 8100

Location: For branches, visit here


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