12 of November's best book releases to add to your Christmas wish list

Caroline Allen
November 2019 best books to read, from 'Fleabag: The Scriptures' to 'The Witches Are Coming'

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll be tentatively compiling your Christmas wish lists already. Organised members of your family might even be asking for ideas.

Search no more, at least one of November’s 12 best book releases will be tantalising enough to add to your wish list.

This month welcomes the launch of the sought-after Fleabag: The Scriptures as well as some literary masterpieces from a whole host of wonderful authors.

Pens at the ready, your Christmas list is about to feature some absolute crackers.

1. Fleabag: The Scriptures, Phoebe Waller-Bridge | 12 November 2019

A beautiful coffee table book for anybody who loved the TV show. [Photo: Amazon]

Phoebe Waller-Bridge has achieved phenomenal success this year and it’s when reading books like this that you can see just how talented she is.

Fleabag: The Scriptures contains Fleabag’s scripts, behind the scenes stage directions and new writing from PWB.

The BAFTA-winning series is a must-view (if you haven’t seen it already) and this is a great coffee-table book for those among us who loved the series or who just enjoy seeing great script writing at work.

2. The Women At Hitler’s Table, Rosella Postorino | 14 November 2019

A hauntingly beautiful read for anybody who enjoyed last month's top pick, Cilka's Journey. [Photo: Amazon]

In 1943 when the enemy was closing in on Hitler, he employed ten women to taste his food to protect him from poison. This is a story centred around Rosa, a 26-year-old scared that every bite would be her last.

It’s inspired by the true story of Margot Wölk and it’s a phenomenal, eye-opening and heartbreaking read.

Last month, we featured Cilka’s Journey as one of our top picks. If you enjoyed reading that, you’ll love this.

3. On The Up, Alice O’Keeffe | 14 November 2019

A beautiful look at the problems faced by the millennial generation. [Photo: Amazon]

This book looks at the plight of a generation who - for various reasons - don’t have as much money as their parents do. It eloquently explores modern family life with a political undercurrent to it.

Sylvia and Obe live on a council estate with their two children. Sylvia longs to live in the same sort of house she grew up in; a world of driveways and leafy green roads.

It’s an uplifting book about persevering through the tough times and it’s an amazing debut from Alice O’Keeffe.

4. The Witches Are Coming, Lindy West | 5 November 2019

A cultural critique which is so uniquely relevant to the times we're living through. [Photo: Amazon]

You may know Lindy West from her New York Times bestselling memoir, Shrill. If you haven’t read that yet, it’s a great book to add to your Lindy West pile.

The Witches Are Coming is equally as outspoken and we love it. It exposes the misogyny we face in the #MeToo era in a hilarious (but equal parts devastating) look at what it means to not be a white man in the 21st century.

There’s no doubt about Lindy West’s writing credentials and she is at her very funniest in this book.

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5. The Starless Sea, Erin Morgenstern | 5 November 2019

This is a book to get completely lost in. [Photo: Amazon]

This is just the type of book to enjoy in the winter. Erin Morgenstern knows how to tell a story. If you’ve read her 2012 best seller, The Night Circus, you’ll already know this about her.

It’s a great one to read in bed because you get immersed in the plot and any stresses of the day completely dissolve.

It follows Zachary Rawlins, who finds a mysterious book hidden in a university library. This discovery takes him on a quest to solve the puzzle of the book.

6. Not The Girl You Marry, Andie J. Christopher | 14 November 2019

A masterclass in millennial dating. [Photo: Amazon]

This book has many similarities to How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and we’re not complaining. It’s the millennial dating version of the film, if you will.

Jack Nolan’s journalistic success means he’s now the how-to guy for an internet media company. He strikes up a deal with his boss that if he writes a piece entitled “How To Lose A Girl” he’ll get to do some more serious work.

Ring any bells? It doesn’t make the book any less wonderful, though, mainly because it deals with modern dating issues in a hilariously real way.

7. Ian Rankin, Westwind | 14 November 2019

So full of suspense you won't be able to put it down. [Photo: Amazon]

Ian Rankin has so many bestselling books he has a page on his website called “where to start” if you’re thinking about reading his books for the first time.

He has mastered the art of writing gripping novels and if you’re looking for a book to read in a day, look no further than Westwind.

After his friend goes missing, Martin Hepton has to leave his life behind when he realises he’s being followed. Nobody believes him and his only hope of finding out the truth lies with his ex-girlfriend and journalist, Jill Watson.

8. The Man In The Read Coat, Julian Barnes | 7 November 2019

Another triumph from Julian Barnes. [Photo: Amazon]

This is another beautifully written book by The Man Booker Prize winner, Julian Barnes. This time, we enjoy a glimpse into the life of surgeon, Samuel Pozzi.

Set in the Belle Epoque era, The Man In The Read Coat explores the glamour of the era but also the darker side to it fuelled by narcissism and violence.

Samuel Pozzi is very much ahead of his time and it’s a joy to read his story.

9. The Other Daughter, Shalini Boland | 5 November 2019

It's the perfect time of year to snuggle up and a read a book like this. [Photo: Amazon]

We love a psychological thriller and the twists in this Shalini Boland novel do not disappoint. If you’ve read the likes of Gone Girl and The Girl On The Train, you’ll enjoy this, too.

The story follows Rachel, whose daughter, Holly goes missing when she’s two-years-old. Nine years later, Rachel meets a new school parent and her daughter, Bella. She’s seen Bella before, because Bella is Holly.

It follows Rachel’s battle to get Holly back. This book is all about the twists.

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10. The Light In The Hallway, Amanda Prowse | 11 November 2019

A heartbreaking book by a bestselling author. [Photo: Amazon]

It’s notoriously tough to write about grief, particularly because everybody deals with it so differently. Bestselling author of The Girl In The Corner, Amanda Prowse, manages to talk about it with heartbreaking accuracy.

The story follows Nick after his wife and childhood sweetheart, Kerry, dies. It travels through his grief alongside his teenage son.

It seems strange to call a book like this uplifting, but it really is.

11. The Hero, Lee Child | 28 November 2019

A great book for any Jack Reacher fans. [Photo: Amazon]

This isn’t technically a fiction book, but there’s so many Lee Child fans out there, we had to add in Lee Child’s first ever work of non-fiction.

He talks, in detail, about what makes a hero; from Bond to Achilles and it makes for a really interesting read, particularly because he’s so well-versed in what makes a good hero with Jack Reacher.

Budding writers will love this in the same way that Stephen King’s Am Writing is a very handy writer’s tool.

12. Call Down The Hawk, Maggie Stiefvater | 5 November 2019

We love the first book of a new trilogy. [Photo: Amazon]

Finding the first book of a triology and falling in love with it is a great thing. It means you’ve still got more books to come and you don’t have to fully say goodbye to the story.

Maggie Stiefvater, who you will remember as the best selling author of The Raven Cycle is back with a dreamy book about people who can turn their dreams into reality.

It forms part of the Dreamer trilogy and we’ll definitely be picking up the next one.

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