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The 26 best gifts for grandpa that'll make him smile this Father's Day and beyond

Celebrate your favorite person with these special gifts, from fun gadgets to little luxuries.

What do you get the grandpa who has everything? One of these thoughtful gifts from Parachute, Etsy and more. (New York Times, Parachute, Ce Craft)
What do you get the grandpa who has everything? One of these thoughtful gifts from Parachute, Etsy and more. (New York Times, Parachute, Ce Craft)

While we love all of our family members deeply, there's something extra special about grandpas. They really are the kings of spoiling their grandchildren on a regular basis and they're the best on-call babysitters anyone can ask for. Of course, you'd want to knock it out of the park with a great gift for Grandpa. It's hard, though, when you ask Gramps what he wants for Father's Day, his birthday, anniversary or any other holiday, and he goes, "Eh, I don't need anything!" Still, there's always something that will make him smile — and this gift guide is here to help you out.

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Yes, spending the day with him is always appreciated, but there's something for every kind of grandpa here. Is he a baseball fan? Then he may love some new team merch for game day. Or, what about the granddad who loves his morning coffee almost as much as he loves you? We highly suggest getting him a mug that will always keep his cup of joe warm. Oh, and you can bet that there are plenty of gifts for the sentimental sort as well.

From inexpensive gifts that are guaranteed to get a good laugh to pricier options that are worth the investment, we've got the 25 best gifts for Grandpa this year. Just remember: Regardless of the gift you get for your grandpa, he's going to love it (and you) no matter what.

Out of all the grandpas in the world, your grandpa is the coolest, right? This mug is guaranteed to make him laugh every time he pours himself his morning coffee — even if he's the grumpiest of gramps when he wakes up. 

$12 at Amazon

Speaking of mugs, this self-heating mug will keep his coffee, tea, hot chocolate or any other warm beverage at the perfect drinking temperature for over an hour. It turns on as soon as you fill it up and then turns off when the cup is empty. 

Our Senior Tech Editor is an unabashed fan of the Ember mug. Read more about it and the best heated mugs he's tested. 

$104 at Wayfair
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$104 at Amazon$104 at Target

Make sure he never loses his wallet again (it happens to the best of us) with this ingenious leather wallet. Just slip an AirTag into the special pocket and he'll have instant peace of mind. 

$40 at Amazon

Whatever team he's rooting for, this themed candle is an excellent addition to any paraphernalia collection. Choose his favorite baseball or football team and then select one of 35 scents. Yes, 35! There’s everything from Whiskey and Oak to Campfire Marshmallow and Fruit Loops. All he needs to do is light it and then bask in the smell of victory. 

$18 at Ce Craft

Fun fact: The New York Times has published over 60,000 front pages since it was first launched in 1851. Turn any of those front pages into a custom 500- or 1000-piece puzzle, whether it's his birthday, anniversary or the best day of his life, which is obviously the day you were born. 

$75 at The New York Times

What's a keyring without a good keychain? This customizable vegan leather one doubles as a photo holder so he can carry his favorite people with him wherever he goes. Choose from names like Grandad, Grandpa, Pops, Papa and more.  

$20 at Etsy

Socks have always gotten a bad rap when it comes to gifting — until Bombas popped up on the scene. These fun dress socks are seriously comfortable thanks to the soft material and featured arch support. They're even designed so they won't fall down. 

$78 at Bombas

If your grandpa loves baseball or just enjoys a riveting human interest story, The Wax Pack is one of those can't-put-down books that make for a great gift. Basically, the author, Brad Balukjian, bought a single pack of baseball cards from 1986, without knowing what was inside. After opening it and chewing the decades-old gum, he then traveled all over America to find every single player in the pack and uncover their post-baseball lives.

$19 at Amazon

A soft and warm set of slippers, like these classic ones from L.L.Bean, are made to be gifted any time of year — whether it's Father's Day or Christmas. They're lined with cozy shearling for some inside downtime and a durable outsole for added traction so he doesn't have to take them off when he steps outside to grab the mail. 

$89 at L.L.Bean

Anyone with as much life experience as Grandpa knows that you should always carry a pen with you. Upgrade his collection of bank pens with the Fisher AG7, which is the same pen that has accompanied astronauts on every mission since Apollo 7. Cool, right? Made of stainless steel, the pen can write at any angle, even in zero gravity. It won't leak and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

$68 at Amazon
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$79 at

It's never too late to learn a new skill — and Masterclass makes it so easy for him to do that in the comfort of his home. A monthly subscription gives him access to classes from the best of the best in every field. Does he want to learn how to play guitar? Let Carlos Santana teach him. He can even take an improv class with Amy Poehler and a business class with Mark Cuban.

$10 at Masterclass

The idea behind these lamps is simple: No matter where you are, you and your grandpa — or any other loved one — can stay connected. Whenever either of you is feeling lonely or just wants to say hi, all you need to do is turn the light on and it will immediately connect with the other lamp, no matter how far away it is. Gift him one of these and keep the other for yourself.

$139 at Amazon

If he doesn't already know about everyone's favorite big dumb cup trend, it's time for you to introduce it to him. The double-wall insulation will keep his drink cool for hours and the ergonomic handle makes it super easy to carry. 

We tested the Stanley Cup — here is our in-depth review.

$45 at Stanley

Grandpa will love this, point blank. Unlike standard digital picture frames, this one allows you to send images to the frame directly from your phone. Basically, every time you snap a cute picture of anything — your baby, your dog, a pretty sunset or a funny selfie — you can make it instantly appear in his frame. He can even react by tapping a heart button on the photo. 

$140 at Skylight

In case you didn't know, tennis is out and pickleball is officially in. The rapidly growing sport is a favorite of retirees and for good reason. It's easy to learn, fun to play and is a great workout — and you only need a paddle and a ball. This set by Franklin is approved by the USA Pickleball Association, meaning they're the right size and weight for the game. So grab a set or two for Pops and get in on the summer fun. 

$15 at Amazon
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$36 at Ace Hardware$30 at Boscov's

This 2-in-1 pillow is perfect if your grandpa loves to travel or is just a big nap enthusiast. This ingenious pillow is brilliantly designed to be used as a neck pillow or an eye mask, making it easy to rest at home or on the go. It's also lightweight enough so they can bring it with them everywhere. 

$39 at Ostrichpillow

Any tech-obsessed grandpa will love this organizer. With it, he can charge his iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods all in one go. Both the phone and headphones charge wirelessly, while there's a special spot to thread his watch cable through. 

$50 at Amazon

Whether they're about to become a grandpa or have already reached great-grandpa status, this sweet gift will bring a tear to everyone's eyes. It features 12 letters with prompts to fill with words and wisdom that only he can share. When the time is right, he'll be able to share a piece of himself with his grandchild — old or young. Plus, it's one of Oprah's Favorite Things, so you know it's good. 

$13 at Amazon

Is Grandpa a hot sauce lover? Well, get ready to blow his mind. Truff decided to make hot sauce fancy and sophisticated by infusing it with truffles. Named one of Oprah's Favorite Things, this gift trio comes with the brand's top sellers: black truffle hot sauce, white truffle hot sauce and truffle-infused olive oil. He can turn any quick fix into a Michelin-star meal, whether it's chicken, eggs or pizza. 

$75 at Truff

When it comes to outdoor relaxation, nothing beats a zero gravity chair. Amazon's No. 1 bestselling set of two chairs is perfect for the grandpa who loves to chill. Not only do they feel amazing, but they're also made of flexible, weather-resistant textilene fabric. They're also lightweight, making them a portable addition for any outdoor adventure. 

$110 at Amazon

He doesn't need to be a whiskey drinker or a golf lover to enjoy these chillers — but it's even better if he is. After a win, he'll get a kick out of using these for his post-game celebratory drink. 

$24 at Uncommon Goods

There's no pair more iconic than grandpas and their robes. If your grandpa's go-to style is starting to look more tattered than cozy, be the hero and upgrade it to a hotel-quality robe like this one from Parachute. It's light, breezy and made of 100% Turkish cotton so he can relax like a champ. 

$97 at Parachute

Think about all of the times your grandpa snuck you some ice cream behind Mom and Dad's backs or made sure the freezer was stocked with it every time you came to visit. Now it's time to repay the favor, with a twist. This ice cream maker can make any frozen treats in less than 25 minutes thanks to the double-insulated freezer bowl and mixing paddle. 

$70 at Amazon
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$70 at Macy's$70 at Kohl's

Amp up poker night by gifting him a super fun custom deck of cards. You can use up to 55 photos for your custom deck, but we recommend choosing one for each court and number card. Get a little cheeky and make Grandpa the king, Grandma the queen and your younger sibling the joker. 

$17 at Etsy

Grandpas deserve some pampering just as much as everyone else. While he probably doesn't live at a fancy day spa, he can easily pretend with these shower steamers. The eucalyptus, mint and menthol combo is a great way to wash away any stress and fatigue from the day, clear up any stuffy noses and feel all-around rejuvenated. 

$20 at Amazon

These little dip clips are the ultimate life hack for anyone with a car and anyone who loves to enjoy a good drive-thru pit stop. Just clip them onto the air vent, and he'll have a little holder for his favorite sauces. You're never too old to enjoy some chicken nuggets and a dunker of honey mustard from Mickey D's. 

$10 at Amazon

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