The best films to watch on UK TV: Sunday, 9 August

Ben Dadds
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The Florida Project, Saving Mr. Banks, Grandma.
The Florida Project, Saving Mr. Banks, Grandma.

Choose from exquisite and edgy dramas, tense heist thrillers and adventures as TopFilmTip brings you the best films on TV for Sunday, 9 August.

Some films may require a Sky subscription.

Monochrome genocide survivor rallies Furious furry Five to defeated panda persecuting peacock in canon blasting fun Kung Fu Panda 2 12:35pm Film4

Lucid daydreamer self-actualises on long-boarding, shark dodging global quest for Life's quintessence The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (2013) 2:25pm Film4

Two troubled teens go on survivalist run in health and safety ignoring, character led, scout vs scout kitsch-em-up Moonrise Kingdom 2:00pm Sony Movies

Seeking villainous boss for their existentially broken species, begoggled haphazard bumblers find criminal/ban-nana fun Minions 3:10pm ITV2

Defrauded of pensions, blue collar service team plan poetic justice upon penthouse swindler in feel good felonious fun Tower Heist 4:55pm Sony Movies

Backpacking douche discovers monster's retreat, woos Dracula's daughter and throws party in Genndy Tartakovsky's Hotel Transylvania 5:00pm ITV2

Wry, rage fuelled relationship avoider incorporates accidental adoptee in transdimensional villain vamoosment The LEGO Batman Movie 6:50pm ITV2

Relic-robbing gadget freak Jackie Chan turns artefact-preserver in full-body-skate-chasing, skydive-kungfu-ing gem Chinese Zodiac 7:00pm Sony Movies

Sylvester Stallone punches Dolph Lundgren in a scene from the film 'Rocky IV', 1985. (Photo by United Artists/Getty Images)
Sylvester Stallone punches Dolph Lundgren in a scene from the film 'Rocky IV', 1985. (Photo by United Artists/Getty Images)

Snowbound montage maker Sly Stallone ends the cold war by sacrificing friend to robotic Russian ‘roid abuser, before public sports bludgeoning Rocky IV 8:05pm ITV4

Dark, violent, charismatic sci-fi as a group of travellers must survive an alien onslaught with murderer in their midst in Pitch Black 9:00pm SyFy

Plans within intricate plans as master thieves execute the perfect plot. David Mamet’s superbly taut, tight and twisty treat Heist 8:00pm Sony Movies

Awkward foppish hunk falls for well-seasoned beauty in standard setting, endearing British comedy of intimate errors Four Weddings and a Funeral 9:00pm Film 4

18 young men rapidly fall into sadism and anguish under prison paradigm: telling and terrible true story The Stanford Prison Experiment 9:55pm ITV4

Prickly author is redeemed as she excises excruciating emotional baggage bringing her beloved Mary Poppins to life Saving Mr. Banks 10:30pm BBC One

Unsupervised daughter of loving but capricious working-poor mum innocently causes chaos in vibrant social study The Florida Project 12:35am Channel 4

Under unnamed totalitarian tyranny, boy is torn between duty to ubiquitous authority and his traitorous father in gripping dystopia The White King 1:15am Sony Movies

Young larceneer brings brother into uncertain world of Copenhagen’s criminals in stark, naturalistic enthralling wonder Northwest 1:35am Film 4

Indomitable matriarch helps granddaughter gather cash for abortion on day-long journey of emotional exploration and cathartic closure in edgy and endearing dramedy Grandma 2:35am Channel 4

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