The best films to watch on subscription-free TV tonight: Tuesday, 24 March

Bloodied Bruce Willis and Bonnie Bedelia wrapped in blanket in a scene from the film 'Die Hard 2', 1990. (Photo by 20th Century-Fox/Getty Images)

Settle in for a night of cinematic escapism, feel good comedy, adventure and lesser known foreign film treats as TopFilmTip brings you the best free films on TV tonight for Tuesday 24 March.

Leaving a promise as a waitress’ tip, Kind-hearted cop Nic Cage’s lottery win drives wedge through his marriage: bitter sweet romcom IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU 6:55pm - Sony Movie UK 

Orphaned by fire, three siblings are shuffled from guardian to guardian trying to keep their family fortune from avaricious uncle: fantastical fun A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS 6:55pm - Film4 

Millionaire Mel Gibson tips scales on son's amoral kidnappers by placing bounty on their heads in taut, table turning 1990s thriller RANSOM 9pm - ITV4  

FILM 'RANSOM' BY RON HOWARD (Photo by Lawrence Schwartzwald/Sygma via Getty Images)

Weakly-led colonising crew fall apart amid the ironic inception of Xenomorphia in body splooping, enigma demystifier ALIEN COVENANT 9pm - Film4 

Kiwi geneticist's mutant flock unleashes onslaught of carnivorous were-sheep in offal-pit diving irreverent gore-comedy BLACK SHEEP 11:55pm - Horror Channel

Juxtaposed morally flexible cops Nic Cage & Elijah Wood plan heist of crook’s treasure trove in angst inducing thriller THE TRUST 11:20pm - Sony Movies UK

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Serial killing, inner-monologuing, man murderer feeds his homicidal compulsion with scaffolding, ocular icicles, engines & jet fuel DIE HARD 2 11:20pm - Film4

Bruce Lee teaches art of fighting without fighting before proceeding to then fights swathes of henchmen in his last & most iconic film ENTER THE DRAGON 11:25pm - ITV4

Enter The Dragon, poster, from top: Ahna Capri, John Saxon, Jim Kelly, Bruce Lee on poster art, 1973. (Photo by LMPC via Getty Images)

Train traveller Emily Mortimer slips further into murky misadventure of murder & smuggling in icy psychological thriller TRANSSIBERIAN 01:15 am - Sony Movies UK

Young lady helplessly flees stab-happy, inexplicably motivated, bullet proof serial killer in John Carpenter’s self scored slasher HALLOWEEN II 2:30am - Horror Channel

Upon growing embers of the Arab spring, maid's witnessing of  murky murder prompts Egyptian detective to delve deeper into corrupt political power: unrivalled neo-noir THE NILE HILTON INCIDENT 1:45am - Film4.

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