This Is The “Best Costco Deal” Reddit Shoppers Have Ever Seen

It’s guaranteed to make the holidays sweeter.

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If you ever find yourself questioning the value of the Costco membership, look no further than the r/Costco section of Reddit to prove its worth.

This week, one Reddit shopper uncovered what they called “probably the best Costco deal [they’ve] ever seen.” It’s an item that’s not always in our shopping carts, but when we do have it for making fancy at-home cocktails and impressive baked goods, it’s one of our favorite little luxuries.

Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherries.

If you’re not familiar with this product, it won’t seem like a good deal at all. You’d probably stroll down the aisles and think '$18.99 for some cherries? Are you kidding me?'

But then, you compare the price to other retailers, and the difference is shocking. In the post, Reddit user ShowerMartini shares two side-by-side photos of the same product sold at the same price point at both Costco and Whole Foods. The catch? The Whole Foods jar is four times smaller.

<p>Reddit / ShowerMartini</p>

Reddit / ShowerMartini

“Woah… that is ridiculous,” commented one user.

At Williams Sonoma, the price is still outrageous. A 20 oz jar sells for $32.95, which is three times the cost per ounce at Costco. Someone else noted, “They are available on Amazon for a MUCH higher price.” So, what’s so special about these cherries?

What are Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherries?

The popular Italian brand of cherries is famous for its bold flavor and vibrant dark red color. The wild cherries are preserved in a rich, sweet syrup made from the juice of the same cherries, which gives them a sweet, slightly tart taste along with a hint of bitterness, making them distinct from other preserved cherries.

They’re similar to Luxardo cherries, but smaller in size and have a more “real” flavor than the syrupy-sweet cherries from their competitor (and at a lower price).

We love enjoying these sweet, juicy gems spooned over vanilla ice cream, topping a slice of homemade cake, glazing a rich holiday meat, or mixed into a good bourbon cocktail. According to one user, their flavor is so intense, it ”can make or break an Old Fashioned.”

Although you can enjoy them year-round, they’re popular during the holidays and make a great, unique gift (especially for under $20).

Where’s the Cheapest Place To Get Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherries?

Now we know that for the exact same price, you can get 35.2 ounces of Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherries at Costco compared to 8.1 ounces at Whole Foods. Plus, you end up with a stylish clay vase for your countertop.

According to other users in the thread, the deal only gets better from here. “They went clearance last year at my Costco for like $10 for that same jar," said one user. “They were $4.99 in January at mine. Had 2 or 3 cases left,” commented another.

With prices that low, we’re with this user: “For $5 I’d have bought them all and had cherries for the rest of my life,” they commented. Heck, we might just buy it for the jar.

So, if you love Whole Foods and Williams Sonoma products, but find yourself cringing at the sticker price, hang on to your Costco membership—it’s worth it.

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