The Best of Both Worlds: Trading and Sales: Chad Singh!

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“You are considered successful when you make money while you sleep”, says Chad Singh, who is one of the big sharks in the trading industry. Chad is a person who has a knack for knowing the best in the trading industry and is known for his exceptional and dynamic portfolio. Chad has been an inspiration for many and there is a reason why he is considered that way.

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A little about Chad:

Chad is a person who believes in grabbing every opportunity that knocks his door and his diverse experience is a strong testament for it. Hailing from an immigrant family, Chad always had his battles but not once had thought about giving up. Chad’s mindset is something that we don’t commonly see, and this has been key for him to strive through adversity and emerge out successful.

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Chad loved basketball as a kid and loved spending his free time playing the sport. Chad says that sport (any kind) brings in self-discipline in one’s life and urges on the fact that if you have self-discipline with a mind that is ready to take it all, the sky is the limit. After dropping out of college, Chad played basketball overseas but never saw it as a full-filling career personally for him and that is when he made the decision to embark on the world of trading.

Initial days were not easy as they preach:

The forex and stock trading industry were a developing industry in 2010 and this meant that there was something new to learn every single day. Chad went full-on into covering all nooks and corners of the trading industry, read all possible books which helped him develop highly versatile strategies that scored him grand slams in the trading business.

When asked for advice on how to start with the trading industry, Chad says that when you discipline yourself to achieve a goal for yourself, anything is possible. He says that once I believed that trading was not for me but today, it is the best thing that happened to me.

Chad and his Trading expertise:

Chad is known in the trading industry for his very own unique trading algorithm that has helped him scale countless accounts from $1000 to $10,000 portfolios. He has been teaching trading for many and his future aspiration is to educate high school kids on personal finance management and help them start building portfolios with low-risk stocks through his very own financial literacy service company.

Chad is also a master of sales:

Chad believes that sales is a skill that will teach you everything. Chad has been a sales-specialist developing his very own sales strategies for companies across the globe. He has worked with multiple industries for sales scaling them to larger levels. Chad is also hired as a sales coach in many big-league companies to teach and implement sales for them. Chad’s unique knack to build sophisticated relationships with customers and sure-shot ways to convert is something that has helped him emerge successful in the field of sales.

What should you be knowing about Chad:

Chad is a hustler and hustling hard has helped him build a diverse portfolio and experience. Being born in an immigrant family has its own set of problems but that didn’t seem to deter chad from what he wanted to achieve. Chad says that as a child, he always stayed curious, and this very curiosity has made him a successful career that once was a dream. If you could take away anything from Chad, it is his self-discipline and passion for anything he does.

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