Best Baby Food Blenders In Singapore

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<p>There is no magic formula to preparing quick, healthy meals for your tiny tot. You’ve got to do all the cutting, cooking, mashing, pureeing and feeding while taking care of other chores. You want only the best for your baby, so you happily dedicate your precious time to cook delicious baby food every single day.<br /> However, you certainly deserve some time out amidst your busy home-work schedule, and baby food makers are here to help. Their excellent steaming and pureeing features save much of your time while ensuring that tasty, nutritious meals are perfectly cooked in no time.<br /> Blenders are a great investment, provided you’ve bought the right one. Here we breakdown the top considerations when buying a baby food maker in Singapore, and the top 7 brands you can count on.<br /> Factors to Consider When Buying a Baby Food Maker In Singapore<br /> Getting the right baby food blender for you can be easy if you keep certain criteria in mind. You want your blender to offer easy operation, high performance, easy cleaning, fast blending, high capacity and excellent quality. Not just these. You should also look for additional features like safety, multi-functionality, healthy steaming, durable build, consistency, compact design and the ability to blend most food items.<br /> 7 Best Baby Food Maker in Singapore<br /> If you wish to have a time-saving companion for your kitchen, a baby food steamer-blender is your best bet. Browse through the 7 best baby food makers in Singapore and choose your pick:</p> <p> Philips Avent 4-In-1 Healthy Baby Food Maker</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> This 4-in-1 food maker can steam, blend, reheat and defrost food items all in one jar – isn’t it a multi-tasker just like you! Suitable for every stage of weaning, this food maker can prepare a meal size of up to 4, so you can store the rest for later. It’s a great companion for working parents who want to cook various ingredients in different textures, all in a jiffy.<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> Steam and flip over the jar for blending, 4-in-1 function and beep alert to notify the end of cooking.<br /> Suited for all weaning stages, and cooking of fish, meat, pulses and more.</p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> Compact design, easy cleaning, and easy operation.<br /> Consistency cooking and safe build.</p> <p>Don’t miss out on discounts, only on Shopee!<br /> </p> <p> Tommee Tippee Baby Food Maker</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> Steam vegetables, fish, meat and fruits to retain the essential nutrients, and blend your ingredients to any desired texture for a healthy baby delight. Get your meals cooked in minutes and spend more time with your little sunshine without having to worry about doing all the cooking and cleaning. Although slightly on the pricier side, Tommee Tippee’s smart features make it stand out from the rest.<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> Homemade food in minutes, suited for all weaning stages, 3 operating modes and blend to any texture with consistency.<br /> Auto power-off, smart memory function to repeat the last setting (within 30 minutes) and pause function for mid-cycle pause/stop.</p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> Automatic timer, easy steaming and blending, and safe operation.<br /> Mess-free and space-saver.</p> <p> Beaba Babycook Neo 4-in-1 Baby Food Process0r</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> You just can’t ignore the stylish look of this 4-in-1 food processor, which steams, blends, defrosts and reheats food safely and quickly. Its unique blend feature helps maintain consistency; it blends to any texture, prevents overcooking and offers hassle-free cleaning. Parents looking for something less pricey might not buy this product; however, this baby food steamer blender’s features are worth considering.<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> Auto shut-off prevents overcooking, unique blend feature for consistency control, 4-in-1 function, high-performance blade and any-texture blending.<br /> Beep signal to notify end of cooking.</p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> Hassle-free cleaning, water and energy-saving, and BPA-, Phthalate- and Lead-free.<br /> Includes a stainless-steel steam basket and glass bowl, and double automatic switches for safety.</p> <p></p> <p> Bubos Smart 4-in-1 Baby Food Maker</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> Have your ingredients steamed, blended, chopped, reheated or defrosted with a single push of a button. This all-rounder can cook nutritious homemade baby food in just 15 minutes from fine puree to chunky meals. Whether you’ve to rush for work or pack food for travel, this smart cooker boasts high performance and convenience, making it one of the best baby food blenders in Singapore.<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> Auto shut-off, built-in timer, smart 5-in-1 food processor, any-texture blending and 15-minute cooking time. </p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> Convenient, easy operation, marked measurements on the jar and easy cleaning.<br /> Dishwasher-safe bowl and blade, BPA- and lead-free and overheat prevention.<br /> Includes a mixing lid, spatula and cooking basket.</p> <p>Grab it before it’s gone - Amazon.<br /> </p> <p> LoveAmme Lovecook Mate 5-In-1 Baby Food Processor</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> Cooking fresh homemade food for your baby has never been so easy. Lovecook Mate’s temperature-controlled uniform cooking is suitable for light foods as well as meat. Switch on the knob for steam, blend, reheat, defrost or sterilisation and spend stress-free time with your baby while the auto-cook timer takes care of your food. This baby food processor is undoubtedly every mom’s dream!<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> 5-in-1 function, temperature-controlled uniform cooking, Auto-cook timer and nutritional value preservation.</p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> Space saver, single-knob operation, easy-to-clean, food-grade and BPA-free.</p> <p> Includes resistant steel blade, top quality silicone parts and meets TUV/IEC EN60335/German safety standards.</p> <p>Visit Lazada for amazing discounts.<br /> </p> <p> Braun MQ523 MultiQuick 5 Baby Hand Blender</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> If you’re looking for a budget-friendly, powerful and convenient hand blender, look no more! Braun hand blender’s ergonomic design, powerful performance, splash-control technology and quick-blending feature make it highly suitable for preparing a quick meal on any busy day. Talk about multitasking like a boss!<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> Splash-control technology, power bell plus technology for smoother purees, high power, two speeds and ability to blend to any texture.</p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> Easy cleaning, extra milling blades and ergonomic design offering a comfortable grip.<br /> Includes a 1.5 cup chopper, EasyClick attachments, a freezer tray and additional accessories.</p> <p></p> <p> 4in1 Rusch Baby Food Processor</p> <p>Why it’s Great<br /> Lesser cost, 4-in-1 functionality, compact design and powerful heating/mixing/steaming/grinding make this food processor one of the top 7 baby food blenders in the market. Simply cut your food into small pieces, blend it evenly, place the food in the steam basket with enough pure water, and have your nutritious meal ready within minutes.<br /> Features We Love<br /> Functionality:</p> <p> 120W powerful blending motor, 300W heating element, 4-in-1 function, built-in water storage tank and suitability to all food types.</p> <p>Safety and Ease of Use:</p> <p> In-between stirring option, easy operation, easy cleaning, compact design and portable.<br /> Safe and removable cutter head, and a spatula for safe removal of the steam basket.</p> <p>Check out this product on Shopee.<br /> <br /> Now that you have this handy list of best baby food blenders in Singapore get the best suits your needs. Explore simple baby food recipes and cook delicious meals for your munchkin every day, while you save much of your time and effort. </p>